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Evaluating  Organizational Effectiveness

Evaluating  Organizational Effectiveness

As a new general manager of a municipal recreational facility in my community, it will be important to understand what issues the facility has had in the past and how management had dealt with the issues. It wouldn’t be the same to manage a facility in Downtown New York City or one in a small town in Texas, that’s why it’s important to be able to be flexible and ready to learn.

In this current facility, there have been numerous problems in the past, especially as related to not meeting goals and objectives and not reacting efficiently to changes in the environment. Therefore, this tells me that some change has to happen and that the main objective is to make sure that goals and objectives are being met.

The Goal Model would be the most effective in this scenario, since there has been an issue with not meeting goals and this specific approach is designed to enhance strategic planning by linking program goals and resource allocation levels (Schwarz, 2020). In order to analyze how well your business is doing, you have to makes sure that goals are always being met.

This model will allow me to measure the level of success that my management will bring into the facility. It is important to be able to set and accomplish objectives, since it can prove investors and donors that money being provided is being used to accomplish the goals of the organization (Schwarz, 2020).

Being able to set and analyze your goals can also help yourself determine the strategic growth for your facility. If goals aren’t being met, it is hard for you to know what you can accomplish in short- and long-term period. Without being able to do so, it would be hard for anyone to really know if the management is doing a good job or not.

Nevertheless, I do believe that other models can also be used and can be beneficial for management to take in consideration. These models can be used together with the Goal Model, in that way you are able to assess your goals and management in a more in-depth manner. The more models you are able to incorporate, the better you will be able to evaluate the organizational effectiveness of your organization.

The High-performing System is one that caught my eye, and together with the Goal Model would be a very good to way the effectiveness of my organization. Being able to compare my organization with other similar organizations, would give a very good opportunity to see what the potential of our facility. If the other competing facilities are doing well, you can compare your financials for example to realize how well your facility is doing.

Even though all the other models could work and might be others people choices, I believe that the Goal and High-performing System models are the ones who would work best for me. Since our facility has lacked of good management in the past, I believe these two models will help our facility and help me analyze the organizational effectiveness of my management.


Schwarz, E. C., Hall, S. A., & Shibli, S. (2020). Sport facility operations management: A global perspective. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.


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Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness

Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness

You are the new general manager of a municipal recreational facility in  your current community. There have been numerous problems in the past,  especially as related to not meeting goals and objectives and not  reacting efficiently to changes in the environment. You need to evaluate  organizational effectiveness and have decided to analyze the numerous  models that have been developed to help sport facilities measure  organizational effectiveness based on the varying levels of  environmental and organizational attributes. Choose one model (or  multiple if you see fit) and discuss how you would implement that model  into your organization.

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