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Evaluating an FBA Report

Evaluating an FBA Report

The assessed sample has six of the items on the list. The identifying information is located at the beginning, in the first section of the report. This section is then followed by information on the reasons for referral, similar to the examples given by (Steege et al., 2019). In this case, one can see that this kindergarten student was given a referral because there were no changes even though the student had attention issues and medication was given. After this section, there is a summary of the observations made, and it is evident that the section on the learner’s background is not included (“FBA Report,” n.d). However, one can still get a little background information from the section on the reasons for referral. Notably, the report contains the procedures used, where, in this case, the author has included the tools used for assessment. The content intends to explain the techniques used to assess the child. Furthermore, there is the summary of data, the summary of the teacher’s narrative, and the description of problem behavior. There is also the hypothesis statement and antecedent recommendations.

The areas missing are the direct and indirect assessment, the identification of the antecedent and consequence variables, and the occurrence level of the interfering behavior. It was also noted that the title of the interfering behavior is a section that is missing, and replacement behavior recommendation (“FBA Report,” n.d). While these areas are missing, the author has touched on the relevant information in these sections. For instance, a general recommendation section somehow merges all the recommendation sections. Consistently, certain sections in this FBA report are not found in the list of the sections identified by Steege et al. (2019). For instance, the teacher’s narrative is a section not in the list. This section is used to report the teacher’s observation of the problem behavior in this report. This FBA report does not have all the sections in the list, but it still offers enough information about the client and the behavior to be transformed.


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Steege, M. W., Pratt, J. L., Wickerd, G., Guare, R., & Watson, T. S. (2019). Conducting School-Based Functional Behavioral Assessments: A Practitioner’s Guide. United Kingdom: Guilford Publications.


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Please complete your assigned readings and respond to the following:

Conduct an internet search of sample functional behavior assessment (FBA) Report templates and compare them to see if they contain the following elements:

Evaluating an FBA Report

Evaluating an FBA Report

Identifying Information (name, age, school/agency, date of report)
Reason for Referral
Relevant Background Information
Description of Evaluation Procedures
Indirect Assessments
Identification of individual variables
Direct Assessments
Identification of Antecedent variables (SD, UMO, CMO)
Identification of consequence variables
Identification and description of Interfering Behaviors
Current level of occurrence of interfering behaviors
Hypothesized function of interfering behaviors
Function-based Intervention Recommendations with empirical support
Antecedent Recommendations
Replacement Behavior Recommendations
Reaction Procedure Recommendations
A plan for data collection and monitoring of response to intervention
After your search, summarize your findings regarding what information was/was not included in the templates you found in your internet search.

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