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Ethics Question – What would you do?

Ethics Question – What would you do?

As a parent, I would be utterly shocked after learning that my school district was accessing the webcam of my child and invading their privacy while in the comfort of our living room. Notably, the school district collected more than the required information and stored it for future use (Reynolds, 2014). Since my consent was not sort at the time of collecting vital data that goes beyond personally identifying information (PII) like name and date of birth, the institution may have my child’s browsing history, location data, search terms, contact lists, and behavioral information (Reynolds, 2014). This data can be sold or shared with third-party companies to develop student profiling. This was extremely dangerous as bandits could easily access this information and proceed with kidnapping activities, after which they could ask for ransom.

Based on an ethical perspective, the school board should have notified all the parents that their children are being viewed even while going about their private matters in their rooms. Notifying parents would allow them to know the extent of data collected from their children, how it is stored, and the extent to which it is being used (Reynolds, 2014). Collecting student data beyond that required for personal identification provides parents with peace of mind when they are notified prior, as they can still utilize their rights by opting out of some disclosures, precluding the sharing of vital data belonging to their children.

Without notifying the parents, the decision to use technology to view children through the webcam in the comfort of their living rooms would prove unethical. This is because the institution will need to acquire the consent of the parents or the students concerning the use of their webcams to monitor their private activities within their living rooms. Ultimately, the institution may collect private data belonging to the students, such as location data, behavioral information, or browsing history, that may endanger their lives.


Reynolds, G. (2014). Ethics in information technology. Cengage learning.


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Ethics Question - What would you do.

Ethics Question – What would you do.

A school official at Harriton High School, from the Lower Merion School District, allowed school employees to access the webcams of student laptops and spy on students while in the privacy of their parents’ home. There was no notification sent out to parents (Clarke, 2010).

As a parent, how would you react if you found your school district was practicing a similar situation and allowing school employee to view your child via a webcam in the late evening hours in the privacy of their room (even if the intent was for educational instructional discussion)? From an ethical standing, should the schoolboard have notified you and all parents that their children are being viewed? Without a notification, is their decision to use the technology unethical? Explain.

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