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Ethical Scenarios Discussion-Food Pyramid Infographics

Ethical Scenarios Discussion-Food Pyramid Infographics

The title of the scenario is Food Pyramid Infographics

The Standards that I Will use For this Scenario Are:

Standard 7: Families The program establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with each child’s family to foster children’s development in all settings. These relationships are sensitive to family composition, language, and culture. To support children’s optimal learning and development, programs need to establish relationships with families based on mutual trust and respect, involve families in their children’s educational growth, and encourage families to fully participate in the program.

Standard 8: Community Relationships The program establishes relationships with and uses the resources of the children’s communities to support the achievement of program goals. Relationships with agencies and institutions in the community can help a program achieve its goals and connect families with resources that support children’s healthy development and learning (NAEYC. (n.d.)).

These standards were chosen because they deal with the child’s education and family background or culture. Most essentially, they have vital insights into the vendors in the education of the learners. For example, standard 7 will help develop and maintain collaborative relationships between the child and the family to foster their growth in all settings. In a nutshell, this standard will help explain to the child why their culture does not allow them to consume meat, and as per the presentation, the child feels they are not eating healthy because they do not eat meat.

The first step I will take to solve this problem is to talk to the family and reassure them that the vendor’s presentation was intended to teach about food and nutrition in general. The next step will be to ask the son to come back for a presentation to discuss cultural food nutrition, and I will invite the parents to the class to get a cultural insight into why they don’t eat meat. Finally, I will request the nutritionist to return to the center and give a presentation on cultural nutrition to families, teachers, and learners.

Ethical scenario

A global juice firm has signature juices that it vends across the world. In Pakistan, the juice version conforms to Pakistan food and health laws, but the drink is less healthy and of lower standards than the juices or drinks they sell in the Western Markets, where the laws are much stricter. This juice firm obeys Pakistani laws but vends an inferior or less healthy product in a developing nation. The questions to ask in this regard are: What standards will be used to solve this case? Secondly, what options are there for the juice company and the Pakistan government, and what should they do and why?


NAEYC. (n.d.).The 10 NAEYC program standards.


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Regardless of your field of study, you will encounter ethical issues along the way that will require difficult choices. The best way to solve problems is to use your EDU499 Professional Standards by Program. Download the EDU499 Professional Standards by Program table as a guide. In this discussion forum, each program has a scenario to read, reflect on, and problem-solve using the knowledge you have gained from your degree program in conjunction with your professional standards.

Ethical Scenarios Discussion-Food Pyramid Infographics

Ethical Scenarios Discussion-Food Pyramid Infographics

To prepare for this Discussion,

Choose the attached ethical scenario that corresponds with your program.
In the EDU499 Professional Standards by Program Download EDU499 Professional Standards by Programmable, follow the link corresponding to your program’s professional standards.

In your initial post,

List the title of your scenario.
Copy and paste the specific professional standard that will help you solve this ethical dilemma.
Respond to the following question:
Why did you choose the standard you did?
Describe the steps you would take to solve this problem.
Create an ethical scenario of your own that pertains to your field of study for your peers to solve. Be sure that your scenario is detailed enough so that your peers from a different field of study can understand the situation and problem-solve.

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