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Ethical Organization-PepsiCo

Ethical Organization-PepsiCo

Nature of the Organization

PepsiCo is one of the most ethical organizations in the world. The company manages a food and beverages portfolio, putting sustainability at the core of its value system and growth strategy. Some of the company’s sustainable practices include using cover crops to improve farm soil health (Bennet, 2014). Sustainability also extends to how the company packages its products, particularly by using recyclable products to enhance environmental sustainability.

Practices that Lead Me to Consider the Organization’s Ethical

The company has a code of conduct that guides employees on how they treat customers. To that end, employees are expected to adhere to the set guidelines and underlying principles. Among the components of the code of conduct is the requirement to treat employees right (Pepsico, n.d.). Employees are expected to respect customers’ privacy and act with integrity, both of which are critical ethical components. Also, workers are expected to perform their tasks in a responsible way to fulfill shareholders’ expectations.

Bennet (2014) avers that in this age of the internet and social media, how a company handles customers’ information is a key indicator of its ethical principles. To follow this, PepsiCo only collects customers’ names and addresses if they enroll in its social media apps. Also, the company does not have secret cookies, as it only collects information that customers submit or authorizes the company to collect.

Ethical Theory

The tasks performed by PepsiCo to attain sustainability align with the morality theory of ethics. The theory emphasizes the need to respect one another and undertake actions that safeguard the interests of others. While protecting the environment, customers and the general public benefit since they are part of the environment. Also, PepsiCo’s practices align with a universal set of principles grounded in fundamental value ethics. For instance, PepsiCo’s sustainable packaging strategy is informed by the need to protect the environment from degradation caused by plastics.


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DB U8 212

Ethical Organization

Utilizing the resources provided in this unit, your own experiences, and trusted internet sources, consider an example of an ethical organization and answer the following questions:

Ethical Organization-PepsiCo

Ethical Organization-PepsiCo

What is the nature of the organization?
What activity or practice leads you to consider that organization ethical?
What ethical theory or principle did you apply to determine if it was ethical?
Be sure to include the source of your information and focus on current organizations rather than past cases.

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