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Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case

Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case

When considering the ethical issue of clinical judgment case scenarios, nurse leaders and managers must prioritize ethical principles and legal obligations.   It is crucial to handle each design thoughtfully to uphold a positive work environment and prioritize patient safety.

A manager is not granting pay to someone who has worked overtime.

It is crucial to prioritize fairness and compliance with labor laws and company policies. When a manager fails to compensate for overtime hours, there should be a careful assessment of the situation to verify the validity of the overtime (Haddad & Geiger, 2023). In the case where overtime is valid, ensuring adequate compensation is given is essential, fostering a sense of trust and fairness among the employees.

A Nurse Manager Tolerating Verbal Abuse of Another Nurse

It is unacceptable to tolerate verbal abuse among nurses.   It is imperative for nurse managers to promptly address the issue by enforcing a strict policy against workplace harassment.   It is essential to implement counseling and disciplinary measures to foster a secure and considerate work environment for all employees.

Constantly Short-Staffing the Unit When There is a High Census.

More staffing levels during periods of high patient census can have a beneficial impact on the quality of patient care. Nurse leaders should work with the staffing department to identify appropriate solutions, such as recruiting temporary staff or reallocating resources, to focus on patient safety (Haskins & Roets, 2022).

A nurse is not providing all of the patient information during shift reports.

Ensuring a smooth patient handoff is vital to maintaining the safety of patients. When a nurse neglects to share all essential details during shift report, it is critical to address the matter through education and communication. Highlighting the significance of thorough and precise reporting can aid in avoiding any gaps in information sharing.

Favoring One Staff Over Others

Showing bias in the workplace can result in a sense of division and decreased morale among staff members.   Nurse leaders need to prioritize fair and consistent treatment of all staff members.   One way to accomplish this is by establishing transparent expectations and conducting unbiased performance assessments.

Making a Hiring or Firing Decision Based on Friendship

It is crucial to make hiring and firing decisions based on objective criteria, qualifications, and organizational needs rather than personal relationships. Nurse leaders should emphasize the significance of following established policies to ensure that employment decisions are made impartially, fostering a fair and ethical work environment (Sevy Majers & Warshawsky, 2020).

According to Tulchinsky, 2018, to effectively address these ethical dilemmas, it is crucial to prioritize clear communication, transparency, and a solid dedication to upholding ethical and legal standards. Through strategic decision-making, nurse leaders and managers can cultivate an environment that prioritizes equity, courtesy, and the well-being of patients.


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Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case

Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case

Module 10 Discussion – Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case Scenario

Discussion Topic

Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case Scenario

Nurse leaders and managers are responsible for the unit’s ethical and legal decisions.

Initial Post

Consider the examples provided below and describe how you would handle the experiences.

A manager is not granting pay to someone who worked overtime.
A nurse manager tolerates verbal abuse of another nurse.
Constantly short-staffing the unit when there is a high census.
A nurse does not provide all of the patient’s information during shift reports.
Favoring one staff over others.
Making a hiring or firing decision based on friendship.

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