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Essential Human Resources Management Practices

Essential Human Resources Management Practices

Attracting a quality workforce—talent and employee recruitment, and the key to employee selection. This is the first because this starts the relationship between employees and management. When the employee is hired, they go through several steps. Management must select the ones they feel are “fit,” then contact them and offer the position, which is the recruit. This must be hard for the management team because they have to prove they are hiring those fit for the job; this will either break or elevate the place of business.

Developing a quality workforce— employee onboarding and orientation, training. Next, training the new hire for the job is essential, no matter how skilled their resume seems. Each area and field has a sure way of getting done. For example, new nursing home hires need to learn the job of patient care and medicine. Making sure their quality of care is pleasing to the families is something that will contribute significantly to the

Finally, we must maintain a quality workforce—talent retention through career development, compensation, benefits, and labor–management relations. This is to assist the new hires in moving up the ladder, teaching them the importance of balancing their home and business lives. As in ensuring they are trained to climb up the corporate and understand the importance of family support like childcare, they may do their jobs with minimal call. This helps the business to move forward. During the opening up after 2020, no stores could remain open because no one wanted to come to work. The schools were not fully relaxed; therefore, childcare was an issue for many.


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Essential Human Resources Management Practices

Essential Human Resources Management Practices

What are the essential human resources management practices identified in the textbook? How does each of these areas contribute to the success of an organization?

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