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Environmental Science-Reducing waste

Environmental Science-Reducing waste

Most of the waste contributing to issues such as global warming and the endangerment of water species comes from the rapid rise in industrialization. The industrial waste output is still excellent despite the campaigns encouraging industries to reduce waste to increase efficiency. One of the reasons for the increase in industrial waste is that enterprises consider the cost of waste management to be high and instead focus on cheaper waste disposal strategies such as using a dumping site or draining waste to rivers and lakes. According to Withgott & Laposata (2019), the economic system only yields rewards for financial efficiency rather than physical efficiency. Industries, therefore, have to consider reducing the cost of operation. Waste management is also expensive because it requires ensuring that no harmful waste is released into the environment by constructing a proper disposal place. Therefore, industries are turning to using landfills rather than minimizing waste, recovery, and recycling.

The application of industrial ecology and the life-cycle of these problems has resulted in various solutions aimed at increasing physical efficiency. The leading solutions include offering tax incentives to industries that reduce waste, raising the cost of corporate waste disposal, encouraging customers to buy recycled products by using price supports on recycled products, developing market systems that accommodate ecological costs into the production process, and imposing fewer taxes on goods made using recycled raw materials. Companies that conduct life-cycle analysis also focus on every waste category and try identifying other companies that may be able to use their waste as a resource or try recycling materials. Industrial ecologists are also helping industries adjust their manufacturing processes to sufficiently minimize waste without creating delays in the manufacturing process.


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Environmental Science-Reducing waste

Environmental Science-Reducing waste

If reducing waste can increase efficiency, why is the output of industrial waste still so great? What is the application of industrial ecology and life-cycle analysis to these problems?

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