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Enhancing Tech Industry Competitiveness with Data and Edge Computing-Asus and HP

Enhancing Tech Industry Competitiveness with Data and Edge Computing-Asus and HP

Hello Laura,

Thank you for your post. I agree that ASUS should track customer needs and preferences changes to maintain a competitive advantage in the gaming industry. According to Schon (2020), market insights in the gaming industry can be gathered through an alternative data trading framework, including the combination of credit card transactions, app and web activity, social media feedback, and streaming and player usage statistics. The authors add that companies in the gaming industry can gain insight into the gaming market by understanding the relationship between sales performance indicators and key activities. ASUS should also consider using Big Data to understand customers and improve customer experience. Big Data can help ASUS to determine the number of daily active users for different games, active users per month, new users, and the rate of customer return and in-game and in-app purchases. This information is vital in identifying what should be added to existing games to create a competitive advantage and predict sales. Customer analytics can be enhanced by creating a shared dashboard connecting employees in the company’s branches to one data source.


Schon, C. (2020, January 2). Alternative data in the gaming industry: A case study. Medium.

Hello Antonette,

This is a good post. I agree that edge computing plays a vital role in Hewlett-Packard’s performance. HP should consider updating its edge computing regularly based on technological advancements and the advancements in edge computing. According to Dongre (2022), the main advances in edge computing include data reduction processes, fog computing, and 5G connectivity. Data reduction processes reduce data storage needs and costs. Fog computing includes decentralized computing frameworks used in edge computing. The framework places data at a network’s edge and places relevant data, storage, computing, and applications in locations where there is a faster relay in a logical position .5G connectivity in edge computing includes connecting mobile devices. Edge computing is also vital in complying with security regulations because it ensures that data is kept in one location while providing cloud-based software features.HP can also use edge computing to achieve a balance between the full insights into an application when developing computer applications. Developers can use edge computing to store granular data needed to monitor hardware or software for possible operational issues. However, it is vital to create an approach for dealing with challenges linked to edge computing, such as the risk of lost network connectivity and system integration.


Dongre, S. (2022). Edge computing optimization benefits, challenges. Control Engineering.


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Antonette Desiervo
The company that I chose is Hewlett-Packard (HP). HP is a technology-oriented company focusing on software and computer production. Also, HP offers services ranging from individual to large and small enterprises from various business sectors, including education.

Enhancing Tech Industry Competitiveness with Data and Edge Computing-Asus and HP

Enhancing Tech Industry Competitiveness with Data and Edge Computing-Asus and HP

Q1) Identify the major trends in the general environment of that firm
Due to the major trends in the general environment, HP is utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and the Metaverse to create edge computing devices. Through edge computing, operational efficiency is increased by reducing reliance on farther-reaching computing services like the cloud, thus increasing its competitive edge. Edge computing is better equipped to manage the enormous amounts of data computer devices generate (Saleem et al., 2021). This would result in faster processing times and more meaningful insights for those using wearable technology or remote maintenance services. Also, major trends in HP’s general environment favour gaming over console gaming due to higher graphics power and improved framerates. Alsframe redevelopers integrate NFTs into gameplay, implying that gamers can own their digital goods within games rather than lease them from merchants (Saleem et al., 2021). The production of differentiated products puts HP at the front end of the consumer’s list. HP focuses on producing high-end gaming gadgets that incorporate NFT elements for gamers to gain a large market share in the gaming world. Q2) Analyze the impact of those trends on the firm
The impact of gaming and eSport is quickly creating virtual and expanded reality items as IOT gadgets and mechanical technology advance, thus increasing the demand for HP gaming devices.
The impact of edge computing on HP is that it empowers the increase in operational efficiency by moving away from more distant computing services, such as the cloud (Saleem et al., 2021). Additionally, it improves quicker processing speeds and more useful insights for people utilizing wearable technology or remote repair services by improving the management of the massive volumes of data created by edge computing devices, thus attracting a large market pool.
Q3) Identify sources you (as the CEO) could use to monitor those trends.
The overall edge computing, gaming, and eSport trends can be monitored by surveying what gamers demand. As the CEO, I will study market research and trends reports, follow computing industry influencers, use analytics tools, go to trade fairs, network with industry professionals, and watch rival companies like ASUS, Dell, and Apple.
Saleem, M., Warsi, M. R., Islam, S., Anjum, A., & Siddiquii, N. (2021). Trust Management in the World of Cloud Computing. Past Trends and Some New Directions. Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience, 22(4), 425-444.

Laura Richey
I will imagine myself as the CEO of the company ASUS. ASUS’s decades of innovating new technology in the gaming industry have propelled this company to excellence for competitors’ achievements. ASUS has included in its vision for focusing on various things such as education, connectivity, creativity, and culture across traditional and digital boundaries. The major trends are promoting and being successful in desktop or laptop gaming against Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, and more console gaming systems. ASUS claims the graphics are much higher, and they improve their frame rates. I know many people who have given up their consoles and are strictly computer-based gaming.
The impact of those trends on ASUS is significant. ASUS’s representation is popular in the gaming market, and its impact positively impacts the general environment. It’s technology’s number of developments that have an impact on clients’ lives.
As the CEO, the licenses can be used to monitor these trends. Since the pandemic, gameplay has increased significantly around the world. The best way to monitor these trends is to find out what gamers want. Surveyors should be interviewed every six months to keep in touch with the inclination of this trend. Consumers want to play games that operate more than 30 frames per second.

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