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Enhancing Math Learning Through Songs, Chants, and Books

Enhancing Math Learning Through Songs, Chants, and Books

A learning environment should encourage students to concentrate on the learning activities by addressing the learning needs of each student. Incorporating songs, books, and chants in a math lesson supports a friendly learning atmosphere where students can engage and participate in the concept being taught, which gives them experience-based skills. Moreover, incorporating the three teaching strategies promotes the use of multisensory instructions, where the teacher uses multiple senses to integrate specific information (Pozas et al., 2020). Also, the strategies make learning fun, entertaining, and interactive since they help to address barriers to a one-sided learning atmosphere.

Subsequently, songs can help young readers acquire basic math knowledge, including counting and mathematics vocabulary, to enhance learners’ understanding and connect learning concepts. Songs make the class interactive and vibrant, preventing a monotonous atmosphere that leads to a diversion in students’ concentration. Inaguarbly, books are also fundamental teaching tools that guide teachers on the areas to be addressed in a specific lesson. Math picture books cultivate students’ attention and make the class interactive. Additionally, books provide effective stories about learning concepts, which helps students with problem-solving.

On the other hand, chants improve students’ ability to memorize concepts. Math chants involve the repetition of specific concepts multiple times, which enhances student’s learning process and ability to recall learned ideas in a particular area. Therefore, incorporating songs, chants, and books in a math lesson fosters a positive learning attitude and encourages students’ participation and engagement in the learning activities to enhance their academic performances. The teaching strategies promote an inclusive learning atmosphere where student develop their interests in learning mathematics.


Pozas, M., Letzel, V., & Schneider, C. (2020). Teachers and differentiated instruction: exploring differentiation practices to address student diversity. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs20(3), 217-230.


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Enhancing Math Learning Through Songs, Chants, and Books

Enhancing Math Learning Through Songs, Chants, and Books

Please follow the instructions carefully. You can find the standards on
Read Chapter 8: The Number Core: Early Counting and Number Concepts

Write a 5-day lesson plan for a 4-year preschool classroom that includes math centers, picture books, songs, and chants to teach number sense. Take into consideration different learning needs, special needs, diversity, and culture when planning your lesson.

In this plan, you will not write any standards except for math. You will be teaching number sense to all students but at different levels. On the lesson plan, where you write the different centers (dramatic play, reading, writing, social studies, art, etc.), I want you to have a math center in every center for different levels. For example, you could still have a dramatic play but have a grocery store. Have the students play with money and add the coins. They will not know the value of each coin or be able to add the correct coin amounts, but they can count the coins. Let them make signs for the kitchen or restaurant center in the art center. They can paint signs like “Hamburgers 25”. For the writing center, they may explain what they would do if they won $100. In the reading center, they could read books about counting. The block center could be adjusted so that each child gets 15 blocks to build something. The Lego center could have legos with numbers, and they could order the numbers from 1 to 20. These are just a few examples for you to think about. Come up with your ideas. (50 [points)

DB: Post on the discussion board how using songs, books, and chants can help you teach math to young readers.

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