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Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency- Walmart’s Approach to Staffing Policies and Tools

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency- Walmart’s Approach to Staffing Policies and Tools

Walmart‘s new employee scheduling is touted as a game-changer not only in Walmart but the entire retail industry. Scheduling is a game-changer since most of America’s hourly workforce struggles with inconsistent work schedules, making them lose many hours and miss their social events. However, the advent of employee scheduling at Walmart would enable employees to strike a work-life balance since employees get informed of the scheduling for the next two weeks (Bose, 2016). Scheduling will eliminate on-call schedules, which are always inconvenient and time-wasting. Thus, predictable scheduling promotes satisfaction and loyalty among employees (Ostrega, 2016). Nowadays, Walmart employees cannot miss social events while others can attend classes to advance their careers because the scheduling is predictable.

If I choose three tools to help me with staffing decisions, I will choose my Walmart schedule, product pack report, and quarterly variance report. My Walmart schedule would help me plan workers’ schedules to know which section or day is understaffed and fill it out in advance. The product pack report would help me predict customer demand soon and, thus, plan for the demand by hiring enough workers to serve the customers (Ostrega, 2016). The quarterly variance report will help me know the current staffing levels, and show the understaffed section to fill them to achieve the high product.

If I find that my staff is overstaffed by 60 hours per week, I will reduce the scheduling duration from 8 hours per day per employee to 7 hours. This will enable me to engage all the workers but still pay them a salary equal to their working hours; hence, the wage costs will still be at the same point, and all the workers will be satisfied with my decision.

When balancing staffing plans against budgetary constraints, the most appropriate Walmart app I will use is the Wage App. This app enables the manager to gauge how the store is performing as a manager will see which employees are driving the metrics. Thus, the app will help me in planning staffing in times of constraints.


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Use this week’s content and the research you gathered on effective staffing plans, plus information from the source below to address 1-4:

Store Staffing Plan and Budgeting Considerations for a Typical Walmart Store

Explain how Walmart’s policies regarding the ways that staffing schedules can be changed promote associate satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency- Walmart's Approach to Staffing Policies and Tools

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency- Walmart’s Approach to Staffing Policies and Tools

If you were only allowed to choose three of the tools described in the linked resource to help you make staffing decisions in your store, which three would you choose and why?

Suppose your analysis of the Quarterly Variance Report tells you that your CAP1 team is expected to be overstaffed by 60 hours per week over the next 12 weeks. How would you solve this situation while still maintaining associate morale and satisfaction?

Which of the three most frequently used Walmart apps (WAGES App, SALES App, or AVAILABILITY App) would you select as the most useful when balancing staffing plans against budgetary constraints? Explain your answer.

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