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Employee Stakeholders’ Rights in the Workplace

Employee Stakeholders’ Rights in the Workplace

One of the commonly abused rights of employees in the workplace is the right not to be terminated without just cause. It is often expected that the employer, during the termination of the employee’s right not to be let from work without a valid reason. As such, it is imperative to understand that an employer should have a just cause for the imposition of this action (Weiss, 2014). If the employee was never informed exhaustively or warned of the ramifications of their actions, or the management failed to investigate before enforcing the discipline, then the employee was unjustly fired from work.

There was a situation where an employee who was let go from her workplace raised several complaints after working in the company for only three months. She voiced concerns that her supervisor, who was overworked, was bullying her and working under unsafe conditions in the company. In this case, her supervisor often picked on her, telling her that she was underperforming when clearly she was not slacking. When making a small error, the supervisor shouted at her, who exaggerated his temper when he admonished her. He was overly strict with her in comparison with other employees who made more serious offenses. His berating often broke her confidence from his humiliation, especially because he threatened her that she would lose her job. Demoralizing the employee would affect the company’s sales and profits (Suttle, 2021).

The outcome is that she got to a point where she was depressed and began seeing a therapist to help her through the problem she was facing at work. The outcome of this encounter should have been that the company should have established better ways to handle, acknowledge, and develop ways to curb bullying in the workplace.

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Rights in the Workplace

Rights in the Workplace

Select an employee right in the workplace from Chapter 7. Give an example, based on your own outside reading or experience, of a situation involving this right. Was it violated? How? What was the outcome? What should the outcome have been? Why?

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