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Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Memorandum

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Memorandum

The recent survey on employee engagement and satisfaction indicated that 40% of the employees are unengaged or unsatisfied. Most employees expressed concerns about the work environment and stated that the current leadership is the main source of dissatisfaction and disengagement. Some employees also stated they do not feel valued and would like to be more involved in the organization’s operations.

The proposed employee engagement plan will focus on increasing transparency and empowering employees. According to Bloom (2020), empowerment includes giving employees considerable authority in decision-making. We will use surveys to get employees’ opinions on decisions within the organization and solicit ideas on what can be done to improve the organization’s performance. Transparency will be enhanced by sharing information with employees through open communication channels such as emails and meetings.

We will also improve leadership skills to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement. Rana (2019) argues that leaders should work to motivate, encourage, and develop employees to increase employee engagement. Therefore, a leadership program will be used to equip leaders with mentorship skills and competencies in developing and sustaining relationships with employees. The program will also focus on changing the leaders’ delegation competencies, communication skills, and emotional intelligence at the micro level and learning agility, communication skills, and trust at the macro level.

We will also adjust our organizational culture to create a culture that promotes employee participation in decision-making and encourages autonomy to increase satisfaction by creating a sense of belonging and responsibility. According to Georgiades (2015), organizational culture contributes to employee engagement by defining the work environment, required behavior, and values that should be upheld. We will design a performance management program to track employee performance and reward employees to keep them motivated. We will also encourage employees to implement new ideas by supporting them through mentorship and access to the resources they need.

I encourage everyone to go through the proposed plan above and give feedback on improvement areas and opinions on whether it will effectively address employee engagement and satisfaction issues.


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Myers Industries has just completed an employee engagement and satisfaction survey. They have found that 40% of their employees are unsatisfied or unengaged. You, an executive leader in the organization, are surprised by these results. You know this will prove to be detrimental to your organization if major changes are not implemented to improve organizational leadership and corporate culture. While you develop and determine an appropriate course of action, you decide it’s important to get some communication out to the organization now. You will write a memo that will be sent to all members of the organization that briefly addresses the results and how you are planning to move forward.

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Memorandum

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Memorandum

Write a memo that addresses the following:

The results of the survey (brief and generic)
Your plan of action to improve employee satisfaction and engagement
The plan must include how you will address organizational leaders and the changes (leadership characteristics, skills, and traits) they will be required to make.
The plan must include organizational leadership characteristics, skills, and traits that will need to be changed at both a macro and micro level.
The importance of organizational culture on employee satisfaction and engagement.

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