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Emerging Trends in Healthcare

Emerging Trends in Healthcare

Healthcare operationalization has significantly changed, with the current trend shifting towards virtual care approaches like telehealth. Health information technologies such as telehealth have considerably enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of care provision. Telehealth uses digital communication technologies and digital information to convey health information. Telehealth devices such as video conferencing and remote vital monitoring tools can now be utilized in remote monitoring of disease, online booking of medical appointments, and health education. The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the significance of telehealth in the remote management of diseases (Kichloo et al., 2020). Telehealth proved an effective care approach when movement restrictions were apparent and access to healthcare services was constrained.

The utility of telehealth impacts patients, caregivers, family members, and healthcare facilities differently. Since its utility is relatively new to many healthcare systems and individuals, enhancing the functional capacities of individuals to utilize this technology is warranted. Healthcare providers and individual patients have to be educated on how to use telehealth devices. Healthcare facilities must also enhance their infrastructural capacities to integrate telehealth devices into their operationalization frameworks (Haque et al., 2021). Family members also play a role in this regard. They should be educated on how to read and interpret readings from these devices to better their caregiving roles and coordinate care with the healthcare providers.

The use of telehealth also fetches financial considerations. Healthcare facilities and individual patients have to purchase these telehealth devices. They also have to train their members to use these devices. Additional hospital employees may also be required to undertake training programs on telehealth.


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merging Trends in Healthcare

Emerging Trends in Healthcare

describe and discuss your views about the trend in healthcare and the potential impact of this trend on employees, patients, family members, and facilities.

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