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Embracing Nurse Leadership-Reflections on Their Role in Policy Formation

Embracing Nurse Leadership-Reflections on Their Role in Policy Formation

Why  a Nurse Would Want to Seek an Appointed Position in Government

Nurses play a crucial role in today’s healthcare system, providing patient care and influencing health policies and choices. A nurse can strategically share their knowledge and promote change by applying for an appointed post in government (Elsheikh et al., 2023). Nurses who aim to fill such positions frequently do so to make sure that healthcare regulations are based on real-world knowledge and take into account the demands of both patients and healthcare professionals. Their first-hand understanding of the healthcare system’s difficulties and possibilities can be used to create more efficient policies.

How to Prepare for Consideration for an Appointed Position

Nurses should concentrate on establishing a solid foundation of knowledge and reputation as they are ready to be considered for an appointed post. This could entail earning advanced degrees, developing leadership abilities, and working as an advocate. Additionally, a nurse’s chances of being considered for an appointed job can be improved by networking within the healthcare and policy communities and having experience in pertinent committees or organizations (Dang et al., 2021). Engaging in continuous professional development and actively participating in healthcare initiatives can further bolster a nurse’s qualifications for an appointed position, demonstrating their commitment to making a meaningful impact on healthcare policy.

How Nurses in Various Appointed Positions Can Affect Public Policy

Appointed nurses have the power to profoundly influence public policy. A nurse appointed to a healthcare regulatory board, for instance, could have an impact on choices about patient safety practices, licensing requirements, and quality of care standards. The creation and execution of preventive health initiatives may be assisted by another nurse working for a public health organization. The perspectives of nurses can also influence workforce development and nursing education policy, guaranteeing a trained and diversified healthcare workforce in the future (Löfgren et al., 2023). By bridging the gap between clinical practice and policy-making through their appointed responsibilities, nurses can eventually improve healthcare delivery and results for all.


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Week 10 Discussion: Appointments
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Step 1: Reflect on your personal views related to nurses’ being appointed to boards, organizations or other policy forming entities.

Step 2: Post a response to the discussion board by addressing the following questions:

Why would a nurse want to seek an appointed position in government?
How would you prepare for consideration for an appointed position?
Use research and give examples of how nurses in various appointed positions can affect public policy.
Step 3: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them by Friday at 11:59 pm MT.

Embracing Nurse Leadership-Reflections on Their Role in Policy Formation

Embracing Nurse Leadership-Reflections on Their Role in Policy Formation

Cite any sources in 7th ed. APA format.

Select Reply to join the discussion. See rubric for grading details. You can find this by clicking the three dots to the top right of this thread.

Response Posts: In your responses to your classmates, contribute to the discussion with your own original opinions about why a nurse would seek an appointed position in government and offer other examples of how nurses can affect public policy.
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