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Effects of Politics on Program Management and Policy Process

Effects of Politics on Program Management and Policy Process

Program management and policy processes follow various steps to be administered; thus, they face many issues and challenges from their surroundings. Both project management and policy processes are affected by politics in either a positive or negative way. Successful project management entails project leaders understanding organizational politics to help achieve project success. On the other hand, politics and public policy are inseparable, and project managers know the importance of political ties to attain project success.

Politics involves politicians making numerous decisions to resolve conflicts and allocate resources; these decisions result in the emergence of policies (Czajowski, 2019). Politicians are supposed to ensure the government serves citizens by passing fair laws. A combination of political and technocratic involvement must be available (Pepin-Neff et al., 2018). Politics are essential for presenting a vision, mobilizing support, managing opposition, and setting strategic goals in the policy process.

The project management field is full of political interventions for various reasons. First, project managers have to cultivate different methods of influence to acquire the necessary resources to attain project success due to a need for more stable power (Jian et al., 2018). Second, project managers are supernumerary since most resources like finance and information are bargained and negotiated. Lastly, most project managers need more authority to reward and punish subordinate members of their teams. Project managers do not have to be caught up in the self-serving and brutal side of political life; they have to have reliable connections.

Public administrators can lessen obstacles created by politics by recognizing the roles played by both sides and building effective professional relationships. Both parties should respect and value each other’s contributions, making politics easy. Politicians can make informed decisions when administrators offer them the correct information. In this essence, politicians engaging intellectually ensures laws satisfy citizens.


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Effects of Politics on Program Management and Policy Process

Effects of Politics on Program Management and Policy Process

How do politics affect program management and the policy process? How can public administrators help to lessen obstacles created by politics?

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