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Effective Use of Social Media – Personal Branding

Effective Use of Social Media – Personal Branding

I can use social media to create a brand presence which is one way of making my brand popular with the targeted group. The best example is Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, which is popular on social media and has a very large following on popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. This medical institution is popular on social media because they are using it as a tool to build a brand. Mayo Clinic creates several posts on social media, which is one way of building brand presence (Jamil, 2022). Therefore, they post relevant information, images, and even videos. These videos communicate their activities, products, and services. Through social media, one gives a chance to the customers to comment, ask questions and give reactions to the posts. As such, I can use social media professionally to popularize my brand by posting relevant information. I can also use it to educate people and offer some services for free (Jamil, 2022). For instance, I can give medical advice to the population for free. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mayo Clinic educated people on preventing the spread of the virus. In my case, I can offer free advice on how to keep away from stress and depression.

Social media can be very helpful in the initial stages of starting any business, during and after the business is set up. In the initial stages, it can be used to attract the population’s attention towards the company’s products and services (Bennet, 2015). It is helpful during these early phases because this is when one attempts to spread awareness of the brand to the public. When the business is opened, social media can be used to communicate to the public about products and services. Subsequently, it can serve as a tool for engaging and connecting with customers (Bennet, 2015). As the business continues, social media can be used as a tool to market new products.


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Effective Use of Social Media - Personal Branding

Effective Use of Social Media – Personal Branding

Effective use of social media strategies holds the potential to enhance your professional brand. In the last few years, the importance of personal branding has grown astronomically as social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram®, and YouTube™ have given everyone easy access to share stories and document experiences.

Discuss how and when to use social media in professional contexts. Provide a specific situation (professional or current event) and give details on how you can apply strategies to support personal branding. Discuss why these techniques would be effective.

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