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Effective Technology and Media Utilization

Effective Technology and Media Utilization

Cognitivism Objectivism and Behaviorism
·         Learning takes place through a change of the state of one’s knowledge

·         Active participation is necessary for learning to take place

·         Emphasis is placed on memory, retrieval, and storage of information

·         The learner has the capacity to influence learning

·         The actions taken to process information add to the teacher’s presentation

·         Transmission of knowledge is critical for learning

·         Learners should understand, reproduce, and increase their knowledge

·         Tests and examinations allow students to find answers and ‘defend’ each

·         Any new knowledge must be evaluated

·         Observations and measurements influence learning


Teachers are expected to utilize technology and media effectively to pass on knowledge to learners. Effective utilization of media requires easy media access, understanding and analysis of content, creation of new messages using different platforms, and guiding learners to use media safely, productively, and wisely. The behaviourism/objectivism and cognitivism approaches to learning emphasize that the learner has the responsibility to add to the knowledge that an instructor delivers. Both approaches presume that active participation is necessary through observation or other means. This active participation leads to increased knowledge (Instructional Design Knowledge Base, 2014).

For proper utilization of media and technology, the behaviourism/objectivism theory highlights the need for using proper tools and platforms for delivery. These include social media platforms, the Blackboard Learning System, and varied gadgets such as computers, LCD projectors, tablets, and phones (Khan, 2016). These tools, systems and platforms facilitate the delivery of content, enable easy access, and offer storage, which makes retrieval less hectic. Therefore, students can refresh their minds whenever the need arises. Due to easy access and retrieval, learners can interact with the content repeatedly, leading to learning. Most importantly, the gadgets and platforms enable research which increases knowledge and allows learners to evaluate the latest information. As a result, more effective and engaging learning takes place.


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Khan, I. (2016). Utilization Of Different Technologies And Media In Learning Writing Skills in English: A Case Study. European Journal of Education Studies, 2(6).


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Using a graphic organizer of your choice:

Compare and contrast the Principles of effective technology utilization and the principles of effective media utilization using any two of the theories listed below. You might use a Venn Diagram, column listing, or whatever organizer you are comfortable with. Please send all assignments as attachments even if you submit in the space provided online. I cannot check your formatting when work is just in the submission box and I do need to check formatting. If you have questions feel free to contact me.

Effective Technology and Media Utilization

Effective Technology and Media Utilization

Objectivism and behaviourism

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