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Effective Guidance and Discipline Strategies for Parents- A Critical Review

Effective Guidance and Discipline Strategies for Parents- A Critical Review

Article summary

This article provides insight into Living Montessori’s approach to promoting self-guidance and discipline among children. The authors reiterate the responsibility that adults have towards guiding, socializing, and correcting children. The actions that adults take during the process are referred to as discipline and child guidance (Bakarat and Clark). There is no specific formula or strategy that adults can apply to ensure that children are completely disciplined. The unique nature of children demands that adults find a different strategy for each.

The authors acknowledge the need for initiative-taking when guiding and disciplining children. Offering positive guidance to children enables the development of self-control. The children also gain a sense of responsibility and begin to make well-thought-out decisions. As adults encourage appropriate and desired behaviors, they tend to spend less time correcting children for going wrong or cases of indiscipline. Sometimes, the use of negative strategies such as threats, intimidation, and physical punishment could affect the child negatively (Bakarat and Clark). The ideal forms of guidance and discipline should develop the child positively while maintaining their dignity and self-confidence. Unkind actions that are used to discipline children can beget unkindness and create negative perceptions of caregivers and parents.

The author also acknowledges the need for patience and self-awareness among parents and caregivers. However, most parents lack these attributes because they do not have any parenting knowledge except their own experiences. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to adopt proactive strategies such as creating an ideal environment that supports desired behaviors, setting clear rules, enforcing rules consistently, and setting good examples (Bakarat and Clark). To react to indiscipline, parents need to assess the child’s understanding, intentions, motive, their own temperament/mood, and the action’s weight.


This article is ideal for all adults because they encounter children at different points, whether as parents, caregivers, educators, or community members. The authors provide valuable information that can change the adults’ approach to children’s discipline and guidance. As an adult, I have encountered different perspectives regarding discipline and guidance. Some parents believe that the rod should not be spared to avoid spoiling the child. This belief is grounded o their upbringing, and they tend to reciprocate the same treatment towards their children. This also is based on the background of the adults. A separate set of adults use abusive language to scold or correct their children when they are wrong. Such tendencies are extended to the institutions of learning where children receive corporal punishment or are insulted in the presence of others. Other adults utilize more friendly strategies because they believe that such harshness is dangerous for the children’s upbringing.

I agree with the last group of parents because the words and actions of parents and other caregivers have a direct impact on the children. They could lower the child’s esteem, make them feel insufficient and insecure, promote rebellious behaviors, create a need for validation, and inhibit proper decision-making. Such impacts can affect the children on a long-term basis and make their adult lives more miserable. Therefore, considering the impact that parents and primary caregivers have on children, it is necessary to teach them the best strategies they can use to discipline and guide children. This approach should lead to a healthier group of adults, who are not nursing childhood traumas that are associated with discipline.

Work Cited

Bakarat, Ibtisam S. and Janet A. Clark. “Positive Discipline and Child Guidance.” 2021. Living Montessori Education Community. 2021. <>.


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Effective Guidance and Discipline Strategies for Parents- A Critical Review

Effective Guidance and Discipline Strategies for Parents- A Critical Review

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