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Effective Communication – Resilience

Effective Communication – Resilience

One key principle of effective communication when trying to inspire change is resilience. Resilience is the ability to absorb disruptive change without expressing dysfunctional behaviour. In the scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, one of the characters expresses great resilience, which in turn inspires chance. The two characters need to jump from a cliff to a river to save their lives but one character is afraid. Their conversation reflects various components of resilience as a communication strategy and inspiring other people to change through the message conveyed.

One of the elements of resilience in the conversation is positivity. Being positive means that one is able to have a sense of self-assurance and security about the situation in a manner that motivates others to change. The character tells the other, who is afraid to jump that they will be okay. Another component of resilience expressed by this character is flexibility. Being flexible means that a person will be able to change when necessary if it means it will help to change others. The character in this case was quick to offer to jump first because the other was afraid to do so. He was also proactive in the way he focused on why it is important to jump. He tries to focus on the solution to the situation they are in rather than the problem that is the refusal of the other character to jump. These efforts are effective eventually because he was able to get the other character to jump. His resilient choice of communication was able to inspire the other to jump. This is an indication that resilience is an important communication strategy when one is trying to be transformational or to inspire change.


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Effective Communication - Resilience

Effective Communication – Resilience

Watch this video segment from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Explain at least one principle from Chapter 9 in your textbook that applies to this scene.


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