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Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Effective communication is one of the most crucial elements to a company’s success. It is essentially the glue that holds everything together and ensures that what is supposed to happen is happening because there is coordination. In the same way that new employees are trained on what their jobs will be to help advance the company, I believe that they should be trained in effective communication. This is because, as mentioned above and according to Spaho (2011), a company’s success does not entirely depend on the talent and work being done but on communication as well. As a healthcare leader, I would ensure that all new employees undergo effective communication training. This strategy will ensure that all hired employees know how to communicate with each other and recognize the importance of doing so. Considering how crucial effective communication is in the healthcare sector, for example, it helps with empathy (Moore et al., 2018), I would ensure that new employees also get communication skills training during the training period. Further, I would also ensure that other employees who have worked in the organization for long periods in all ranks get this kind of training once in a while as well.


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Spaho, K. (2011). Organizational communication as an important factor of company success: Case study of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Business intelligence journal4(2), 390-393.


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Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Describe one strategy that you, as a leader in health care, can use to increase the likelihood of clear and complete organizational communication. How will you use this strategy to be effective? Provide an example of how you can incorporate this strategy.

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