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Education- Guidance and Discipline

Education- Guidance and Discipline

Part A: Parenting Styles

The authoritarian style of parenting-That 70’s show

That 70’s Show depicts an authoritarian style of parenting. Eric Foreman’s father, Red Foreman, worked in the military. As the authoritarian parent, Red Foreman demonstrates lofty expectations and demands while offering low to no nurturing and responses. The rules are set and should be obeyed without question. Red Foreman repeatedly states that rules should be followed because ‘he said so’ (Frazier, 2021). In addition, the threats of punishment are used repeatedly. The effects of the parenting style on Eric Foreman are both positive and negative. Eric is an obedient and well-behaved child who sometimes gives in to peer pressure. Unfortunately, Eric Foreman struggles with acceptance in his peer groups. Eric tends to give in easily to his peers’ demands to fit in. For instance, he takes his father’s car out of town when his crush, Donna, promises to do whatever he would like. Such a situation leads to irresponsible decision-making.

Authoritative style of parenting-Lion King

The authoritative style of parenting is characterized by high demands and responses. In Lion King, Mufasa sets lofty expectations for his son Simba. However, he demonstrates great warmth towards Simba. This maintains Mufasa’s close relationship with Simba. This type of parenting leads to a secure attachment for Simba and enables him to cope well with demanding situations. When Simba was exiled away from home following Mufasa’s death, he easily adapted to the unfamiliar environment and was strong enough to assert himself even after coming back to his kingdom. Therefore, such parenting enables children to grow individually and have confidence.

Permissive style of parenting-Big Daddy

The permissive style of parenting is demonstrated through a lack of rules. Parents tend to view themselves as their children’s friends more than parents (Perry, 2019). In Big Daddy, Adam Sandler is a permissive parent. He lets his son decide what to do when to do it, what to eat and wear, even when the choices are inappropriate. For instance, Adam lets the child eat ketchup, which is unhealthy and impractical. Such parenting lacks any rules and clear expectations and is characterized by freedom. Such children tend to lack self-control because they do not receive any guidance from their parents. In the film, Adam Sandler’s son seems ignorant of acceptable tendencies. For instance, he hits one of Adam’s friends with an iron bar as they wait for their meal (Gardener, 2021).

Part B: Inauthentic Communication

Inauthentic communication is an exaggerated emotional connection

Usually used with young children below 18 months

From 18 months, children can identify the inauthentic communication

Pretend play

Ø  Infants respond with laughter to exaggerated displays

Ø  Children learn to identify pretense

Ø  They also become sensitive to inauthentic expressions

Ø  They develop social connections and emotions through response and imitation (Walle & Campos, 2014)

Language development

Ø  Cheerful and slow speaking engages children

Ø  They imitate the speech of parents

Ø  Exaggerated sounds ease the learning process

Ø  The slow tempo and high pitch invite the child into a social interaction

Ø  Facial expressions fascinate children, making the process fun and interesting (Allen, 2020).

Part C: Logical Consequences

Logical consequences are the outcomes that are experienced from a child’s actions. The adults are responsible for ensuring that children understand the impact that their actions have on property and other people. The basis is to let the child understand that each action bears a reaction. Children’s moral development calls for sensitization on the naturally occurring outcomes of various actions (ParentingMontana, 2021). Children test the adults’ tolerance and patience by breaking the rules. The parents’ reaction can be a significant hindrance to the process of successful parenting. Parents are advised to utilize inappropriate and harmful behaviors as moments to teach children. The process starts with the identification of the child’s unmet need. The establishment of aspects such as feelings that may be leading to the observed behaviors (Brosi, Barth, & Masri, 2019). Each feeling acts as a message that explains the child’s environmental occurrences. Therefore, an adult should understand not only the child’s feelings but also their own.

In this specific case, Basilo and Salena participate in a tug-of-war. This altercation could lead to injuries to either child or both. The use of logical consequences would apply in the situation because it would enlighten the children about the harm they expose each other to. The process of grabbing and pulling the plate can lead to breakage. If the plate breaks, the children could sustain an injury. Suppose the altercation is happening in the kitchen; it is possible that one individual will end up hurt.

Making both children understand these elements is important. It is important that they understand the dangers the argument exposes them to. Furthermore, they could just discuss without engaging in an actual tug of war. It is important to engage both children in a thought process to obtain their input on the issue. This facilitates understanding of their opinions and feelings at the time. It also highlights gaps of information, which may be helpful in resolving or toning down the conflict. For instance, Basilo may be angry because Salena does not want to let him play. It is important to understand the main reasons why both children choose to have a conflict about whether men cook or not. Highlighting the facts to Salena is important because she will understand that any individual can cook. It is possible to open her mind to the world, making it easier for her to understand Basilo’s perspective and experience. These issues can only be articulated through an adult’s intervention. It is impossible for the children to independently understand the issues and figure out a solution.

In addition, it is necessary to let the children know that their opinions can differ. This knowledge is important because it highlights the likelihood of holding varying perceptions about life and other issues. However, making the children understand that diversity is important and unavoidable ensures they disagree respectfully and safely. Suppose each were to settle and listen to the other’s perspective; they would understand that everyone is different. As such, it would be possible for both children to play safely despite their differences. Logical consequences provide an opportunity for children to take part in a meaningful discussion with adults. It allows the children to understand various circumstances in their environments. It is an avenue that can lead to respectful interactions and play among children. It also provides an opportunity to gain experience with one another. The process of learning involves critical thinking and inquisitiveness. Most importantly, it lays a foundation for problem-solving in the future. For these reasons, logical consequences are applicable to the highlighted situation.


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Title Guidance and Discipline
Part A Identify a television show or movie for each of the following:
One that depicts an authoritarian style of parenting. That 70″s show
One that depicts an authoritative style of parenting. Lion King
One that depicts a permissive style of parenting. Big Daddy
Explain the effect that each of the styles has on the children in the show.

Education- Guidance and Discipline

Education- Guidance and Discipline

Part B Communication topic Inauthentic Communication. Create a flyer describing at least (2) ways that parents might use the selected strategy with young children.

Part C
For the scenario below. Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify that Logical Consequences are the most appropriate, citing your sources.
Scenario: Basilo was pretending to cook dinner in the house area when Salena grabbed a plate away from him and said, “Boys don’t cook.” Basilo replied, “Yes they do. My daddy cooks!” as he grabbed onto the plate. The children continued their tug-of-war until you intervened

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