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Early Childhood Education Professional Standards

Early Childhood Education Professional Standards

The chosen standards are Standard 1: Relationships, Standard 6: Staff Competencies: Preparation and Support, and Standard 7: Families. These three professional standards, Relationships, Staff Competencies, Preparation and Support, and Families, are interesting because building positive relationships with families and students is vital in the educational sector. Notably, a positive and strong bond between teachers, students, and families contributes to learners’ success. Such a bond is also essential for the teaching environment to be secure and welcoming, as it significantly impacts the learners and parents. In addition, when working as a team, teachers, students, and families can share concerns and thoughts that help every child to thrive individually (O’Toole, Kiely & McGillicuddy, 2019). Furthermore, preparation and support are vital standards that help me prepare for my lessons and support my learners and colleagues. Besides, competencies such as staff development are essential as they will enable me to advance and grow within the teaching field. Therefore, these three standards will significantly help my profession, which is why I find them interesting.

“At-Risk Students Conference Innovative Teaching Conference School Discipline Conference Social-Emotional Learning Forum” in Las Vegas July 5-9, 2023, is the conference I would love to attend because it will help me sharpen my innovative teaching strategies. The conference often deals with at-risk learners whose needs often need to be fully met in general classrooms but can be met through innovation. Additionally, I desire to earn or further my education to a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education; I plan to acquire it at this university and finish it within two years. The Early Childhood Education book by Bruce Tina is one publication I found and believe would greatly help me if I read it. The book covers diverse topics such as classroom management, teaching strategies, and stages of development, among others, which will be helpful for my teaching career (Bruce, 2015). Lastly, I desire to do more research about autism and get a better knowledge and understanding of the disorder. I look forward to reading and buying more books about the condition to expand my knowledge.


Bruce, T. (2015). Early Childhood Education 5th Edition. Hodder Education.

O’Toole, L., Kiely, J., & McGillicuddy, D. (2019). Parental involvement, engagement, and partnership in their children’s education during the primary school years. National Parents Council.


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Professional development is an important component of staying marketable and current in your field of study. Generally, it is up to you to create and execute a plan for yourself. So, how does one go about deciding on the best possible professional development choices?

Early Childhood Education Professional Standards

Early Childhood Education Professional Standards

Your Field of Study, Professional Standards and professional associations of course! You will plan on meeting your professional development goals by completing three of the four different opportunities. Have fun with your choices! This is the time you get to choose what you want to study and how you want to learn!

To prepare for this discussion:

Choose a standard (or more than one) within your own field of study that is of interest to you.
In your initial post:

Identify your chosen standard(s)
Explain why this Professional Standard is interesting to you
Research and find a conference in your field of study that you would want to attend.
Research and share one continuing education opportunity. (Masters, edX, 2nd language, certification).
Research and include one publication (journal, book, etc.) that supports your learning and growth in this area. Could you start a book club with this title?
Research a choice of your own.

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