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Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practice Project Results in Nursing

Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practice Project Results in Nursing

The dissemination of EBP (evidence-based practice) project results entails communicating and distributing findings to a target audience for incorporation into practice (Houser, 2018). The aim and intention of disseminating these results is to enhance the knowledge base and practical application and improve patient outcomes. The method used to communicate project results should be adequate for the target audience to promote positive engagement, enhance awareness, and motivate the implementation of changes into practice. An audience will be keen to understand how newfound evidence fits specific contexts and the likely implications of integrating the proposed change into aspects of operations (Cain & Mittman, 2012). The best audience is the one who is in a position to put the project results into day-to-day practice (Houser, 2018).

Internal dissemination involves sharing information within an organization, while external dissemination involves communicating project results to individuals outside an organization (Brownson et al., 2018). The hospital board is the internal forum I would use to communicate evidence-based practice project results. Hospital boards represent health organization employees such as doctors, nurses, and other patient care professionals. These are the essential professionals in the day-to-day basis of patient care. Face-to-face presentation of the research results will be the best approach. The method facilitates and promotes interaction and engagement with these critical health workers. Another advantage of the approach is the instant feedback during the question and answer session. Professional organization conferences are best suited for external presentation and dissemination of EPB research results. For instance, the American Nurses Association annual conference is a perfect platform to disseminate project results because it has a massive nurse membership.

It is necessary to present the best evidence-based practice results to both forums to increase awareness, advance the knowledge base in nursing, and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, the feedback and constructive criticisms provide an opportunity for improvement before implementation. The communication strategies between the two groups will vary because the internal forum is likely less formal since the audience comprises colleagues, unlike the case of a conference presentation.


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Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practice Project Results in Nursing

Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practice Project Results in Nursing

Describe one internal and one external method for disseminating your evidence-based change proposal. For example, an internal method may be the hospital board, and an external method may be a professional nursing organization. Discuss why it is essential to report your change proposal to both groups. How will your communication strategies change for each group?

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