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Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive Behavior

It is important to understand the source of a particular behavior. Through this, the appropriate interventions can be implemented. Through the functional analysis concept, the relationship between behavior and its antecedents and consequences is examined. Notably, when dealing with behavior, individuals should not do anything that makes the situation worse. Teachers do have the responsibility of dealing appropriately with student behavior, especially when dealing with disruptive behavior. Do you need help with your assignment ? Contact us at

Teachers are generally expected to deal with students who have disruptive behavior. Some of the ways that this can be done include paying minimum attention to such students. Ideally, minimum attention should be given to students with disruptive behavior based on the fact that time focused on disruptive behavior is time lost with respect to facilitating learning (Aldrup et al.). The focus should be given to appropriate behavior, and disruptive behavior should be ignored. Teachers are expected to incorporate appropriate interventions that mitigate the chances of escalating disruptive behavior. Additionally, there are dangers of involving other students in situations that will escalate disruptive behavior (Keller). Behavior primarily happens when certain types of requests are made of the person.

Therefore, teachers need to incorporate various reinforcements that have positive impacts on the students. Notably, forcing certain reinforcements or punishments may end up aggravating the situation rather than mitigating it. Teachers should establish one or more responses that compete with problem behavior, and through this, counterconditioning will be achieved (Pennings et al.). Additionally, teachers need to assess the source of the problem in a student since this plays a significant role when coming up with appropriate interventions or reinforcements. Through this, an examination of the relationship between behavior and its antecedents and consequences. Teachers need to have an understanding of what is causing the behavior, and through this, proper interventions can be implemented.

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The last section of the class dealt heavily with behavior modification in the classroom.

How much responsibility do teachers have for student behavior? How would you handle a student who is being very disruptive?

Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive Behavior

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