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Discussion – Why Is the US Banning Children’s Books?

Discussion – Why Is the US Banning Children’s Books?

I chose the “Why Is the US Banning Children’s Books?” article because I wanted to understand the criteria used to ban books in the United States. The article was very informative in explaining the facts about banning books in the United States and the need for censorship. I was surprised to learn that publishers are still allowing writers to write and publish more stories despite the widespread banning of books to the point that in the future, there will be so many stories and books being sold across the United States that it will be difficult to ban all of them. One of the most interesting things I read in the article was that students are engaging in the fight against banning books. I believe that students deserve a say in deciding the criteria that should be used to ban books because they are the main audience. However, it is important to enlighten students about worldviews and moral and religious reasons that are used to justify the banning of books so that they can create a strong defense against the ban of books.


Ciabattari, J. (2023, May 26). Why is the US banning children’s books? BBC Culture.


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Discussion - Why Is the US Banning Children’s Books.

Discussion – Why Is the US Banning Children’s Books?

Professor instruction: Research, Review, and post an article about critical race theory OR Banning Books Include your thoughts/feelings

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