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Discussion – Walmart’s Workforce Strategy

Discussion – Walmart’s Workforce Strategy

Walmart’s Strategy Behind Helping and Enhancing the Workforce

Walmart’s decision to enhance the workforce is motivated by the need to improve its skills and knowledge through the various development opportunities (Hanna, 2019). Essentially, providing employees with growth opportunities is a well-known motivation strategy. In addition, access to learning opportunities provides employees with accessible knowledge and skills that can be applied to their current roles. As employers in the retail sector expect more influence from technology in the future, educational opportunities, which also focus on technology courses, play a critical role in ensuring that all employees are well-prepared for upcoming changes (Hanna, 2019).

Associates’ Benefits over Time

The associates will gain new knowledge and skills, which will enhance their capability to perform their roles efficiently. For this reason, the knowledge and skills they acquire through these courses will improve their productivity and efficiency. Additionally, they will also increase their educational qualifications without incurring any debt. These qualifications expose them to better job opportunities in the market. As a result, employees will gain significant motivation due to the chance to advance. Some may land promotional opportunities, which will change their career progression and financial situation. Last but not least, they will look forward to work and gain significant satisfaction from their roles.

Customers’ Benefits over Time

While employees are more fulfilled through the performance of their roles, clients will access efficient and more satisfying services. Having an equipped workforce that understands their roles and responsibilities is a sure way to improve performance. As a result, employees will conduct their roles with greater efficiency. Accordingly, this will attract more clients because of the level of satisfaction derived from the interactions with the employees.


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Discussion - CSR and DEI in Your Project Team

Discussion – CSR and DEI in Your Project Team

Walmart offers amazing programming for its employees (educational, assistance, give back, etc.). Consider and post your responses to the following:

1- What do you think is the strategy behind helping and enhancing the workforce?
2- How will associates benefit over time?
3- How will customers benefit over time?

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