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Discussion Response – Lexile Levels

Discussion Response – Lexile Levels

Hello Miracle,

I am impressed by your post regarding lexile levels. I completely agree with you. It is true that not every student has the same degree of reading proficiency, and some may already have difficulties. Your experience with the AR goals and the competitive atmosphere it created among your peers is a relatable example. While it motivated some students, it’s essential to consider the potential negative consequences, such as bullying and teasing, which can result from such competitions (Bukowski & Kobus, 2018). I agree with your view that encouraging students to read is crucial, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be through a competitive framework. Reading is a personal journey, and students progress at their own pace in various subjects. Fostering a love for reading and allowing students to develop their skills in a supportive and individualized manner can be just as effective without the added pressure of competition.

Thank you for sharing your perspective on this issue.


Bukowski, P., & Kobus, M. (2018). The threat of competition and public school performance: Evidence from Poland. Economics of education review, 67, 14–24.

DiMenichi, B. C., & Tricomi, E. (2015). The power of competition: Effects of social motivation on attention, sustained physical effort, and learning. Frontiers in Psychology, 6(1282).


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Discussion Response - Lexile Levels

Discussion Response – Lexile Levels


Lexile Level is a new concept to me. Before now, I didn’t think I’d ever heard of this system. It sort of reminds me of when I was in school, and we read books to meet our AR goals. Reading to meet your AR goal was not a requirement in school, but my peers and I competed with one another to receive the incentives that were offered for doing so. I personally don’t agree with programs that use the competitive method to get students to read. I always think of the students who struggle with subjects such as reading. If they are already struggling, they won’t be able to compete with their peer, and this can cause problems such as bullying and teasing among students. I do agree with encouraging students to read, but not using reading as a competition. Students progress at their own pace with different subjects.

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