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Discussion Question – Advancing the Cause

Discussion Question – Advancing the Cause

There have been many great leaders in the nursing profession. They include Florence Nightingale and Lavinia Dock. There are many leadership styles that nurse leaders can use to become great leaders. Nurses have a critical role in the leadership process, and they should take up political roles and advocate for patients and better healthcare policies (Anders, 2020). They can participate in government roles and professional associations to advocate for healthcare policies to improve population health.

Nurses should be dedicated and become resources to make legislative changes at the grassroots level. They must be politically competent to promote effective policies that will positively impact population health. Politically competent nurses must be goal-oriented and collaborate with other stakeholders to achieve the goals they set to accomplish (Han & Kim, 2020). Nurses must be educated on how to engage in the political process to become effective in promoting a good healthcare process. Nurses are ethically and morally obligated to engage in advocating for their patients actively. One of the ways of advocating for their patients is to champion the implementation of sound healthcare policies.

The ANA Code of Ethics focuses on advocacy for patients. The third provision states that nurses should promote, protect and advocate for the rights and safety of patients (Haddad & Geiger, 2021). Nurses must be guided by this provision and advocate for the employment of nurses at the primary level to offer healthcare services to the population in need. The pandemic has revealed the importance of nurses in the healthcare delivery industry. Nurses can advocate for policies that lead to the employment of more nurses to serve population needs during the pandemic.


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Discussion Prompt

Discuss the most personally meaningful key points you have learned over the past eight weeks about the impact of grassroots policy initiatives and the role of nurse leaders in improving health outcomes and/or impacting barriers to practice by their engagement in policy processes.

Discussion Question – Advancing the Cause

Discussion Question – Advancing the Cause

Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references
Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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