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Discussion – OS Security

Discussion – OS Security

There are several features provided by an operating system that aid in the protection of its assets and resources. One of the specific features an operating system provides is the measured boot that works to measure all essential codes and configuration settings at the time of booting Windows. Estimated boot works by storing measurements in the TPM on the machine and making them available on a log for easy testing remotely and verification of the boot state of the client (Abomhara and Køien,” 68). The measured boot feature is an important component as far as the antimalware software is concerned. This is because the antimalware software can use the log stored on the measured boot to determine the authenticity of the components that ran before it (Abomhara and Køien,” 73). Local security authority (LSA) protection is the other specific feature provided by an operating system and is responsible for authenticating users and verifying their respective login credentials on Windows. LSA handles credentials such as passwords utilized for single sign-on that aid in loading trusted, signed code and provide significant protection against data theft.

Attack surface reduction (ASR) is the other specific feature that works by preventing software behaviors that are regularly abused, thus hindering the functionality of the network. This feature reduces the number of attack surfaces, reducing the overall vulnerability the organization is exposed to. The leaders in an organization can configure several rules to aid in blocking the execution of certain behaviors, including but not limited to launching executable files and scripts, running suspicious hands, and executing behaviors that are not often initiated by applications on an everyday day-to-day work (Puthal et al. 24). The last specific feature provided by an operating system used in protecting its assets is controlled folder access that fosters protection of valuable information stored in certain specific folders (Puthal et al. 37). This feature works by ensuring that only trusted apps can access protected folders specified by this feature.

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Discussion - OS Security

Discussion – OS Security

At the core of the security features provided by an operating system, regardless of its publisher, are AAA or authentication, authorization, and accounting. The AAA is the first line of the CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity, and availability). What specific features are provided by an operating system to protect its assets and resources?
Your discussion posting in each lesson has two parts, each of which is scored separately, but in one point total.
1. Your main discussion posting is a response to the question or request made by the discussion description. Your response must be at least 75 words in length, not including any quoted or sourced content, such as a cut and paste from other sources.

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