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Discussion – Lexile Levels

Discussion – Lexile Levels

I haven’t been exposed to Lexile levels before, so it’s a new concept. It is a practical tool for helping students find appropriate reading materials that suit their skills. I have two opposing feelings regarding reading programs that incorporate Lexile levels as a competition using a point-based scale. On one hand, competition can be a motivating factor for some individuals (DiMenichi & Tricomi, 2015). It can also create a sense of challenge and encourage students to read more to earn points and achieve higher levels. However, there might also be potential downsides to consider. Infusing competition into the learning experience might create unnecessary pressure and stress, especially for students who struggle with reading or have lower reading levels. It could inadvertently shift the focus away from the joy of reading itself and place more emphasis on winning or outperforming others. This might hinder students’ intrinsic motivation to read and explore various genres. Ultimately, the effectiveness of using competition in reading programs depends on the individual students and their motivations.


DiMenichi, B. C., & Tricomi, E. (2015). The power of competition: Effects of social motivation on attention, sustained physical effort, and learning. Frontiers in Psychology, 6(1282).


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Lexile Levels

Lexile Levels

Book L. Galda, L. Sipe, & L. Liang (2016). Literature and the child. (9th ed.). Independence, KY: Cengage Learning  ISBN-10: 1305668847 ISBN-13: 9781305668843

Discussion # 6: Please post your thoughts to the prompts below and respond to at least 1 peer. 

Discussion #6: Lexile Levels

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Have you been exposed to Lexile levels before, or is this a completely new concept to you? What do you think about reading programs that push lexile-level readings as a competition (using a point-based scale in order to encourage students to read)? Is infusing competition into the learning experience beneficial, or is there a potential downside to it?

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