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Discussion – Gender Differences

Discussion – Gender Differences

From my memories of when I first understood that boys and girls are different and there were different expectations for boys and girls, I remember I wondered what made the difference between boys and girls. I had no idea of gender and anatomy. I always knew there was something special about either being a boy or a girl that led to the differences, especially in the expectations of how boys and girls should dress, behave, and do at home. In my view, I believe that it is important for boys and girls to be socialized. Socialization should occur in a way that does not erase their identity of being female or male. It should promote their appreciation of their gender as well as the differences that exist between the genders. A study by Li et al. (2022) found that school-age children are majorly less aware of gender differences, which was identified as a vital factor for the development of gender equality.

Regardless of one’s gender identity, boys and girls will always display differing behaviors. Although teachers and parents should expect different behaviors between boys and guys, they have a role in promoting behaviors and attitudes that appreciate both genders. Gender plays a role in social competence, while parenting can contribute to the development of social competence in school-age boys and girls regardless of gender (Spruijt et al., 2019). Teachers and parents should encourage boys and girls to develop different kinds of competencies to be socially competent.

Sex-segregated play enables school-aged children to explore and appreciate their specific behaviors and abilities related to their gender without fear. It also encourages them to learn to appreciate gender differences. However, sex-segregated play risks reinforcing societal stereotypes on gender that can lead to failure to understand the other gender and gender conflicts and inequalities.


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Spruijt, A. M., Dekker, M. C., Ziermans, T. B., & Swaab, H. (2019). Linking parenting and social competence in school-aged boys and girls: Differential socialization, diathesis-stress, or differential susceptibility? Frontiers in Psychology, 9(JAN).


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Discussion - Gender Differences

Discussion – Gender Differences

What do you remember about when you first understood that boys and girls were different and that there were different expectations for boys and girls? What are your views about how boys and girls ought to be socialized? Should parents and teachers expect different types of behaviors from boys and girls? Should boys and girls be encouraged to develop different kinds of competencies? What are the implications of sex-segregated play for the development of gender-role attitudes and behavior?
Please respond to at least 2 of your classmates.

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