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Discussion – Christianity

Discussion – Christianity

The first impression that comes to mind when I think of Christianity is its deep-rooted connection to Jesus Christ. This opinion is based on the fact that Christianity is a religion founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. This also gives the impression that Christianity is straightforward since to be a Christian, one simply needs to model their life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, who taught people to love God and their neighbors as they love themselves. However, due to the encounter of Christianity with science, religious pluralism, and cultural diversity, among other things of the modern world, it is not surprising that Christianity is changing rapidly. Consequently, this has resulted in a new way individuals view Christianity, which Borg (2004) calls the “emerging paradigm.” This paradigm majorly focuses on an individual’s relationship with God and the path to transformation. It conflicts with the “earlier paradigm,” which emphasizes ‘faith for the sake of salvation later.’ The two paradigms also differ in several other aspects and issues, such as the ordination of women and Christian exclusivism. On the one hand, the earlier paradigm denies the ordination of women and strongly perceives Christianity as the only true religion. On the other hand, the emerging paradigm allows the ordination of women and seems to accept the existence of other religions. In the context of this conflict, the question then becomes, as Borg (2004) suggested, “What is most central to Christianity?” (p. 1).


Borg, M. J. (2004). The heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a life of faith (1st ed.). HarperSanFrancisco.


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Discussion - Christianity

Discussion – Christianity

You will be graded on the following criteria:
Base your written response on information that you personally want to know or want to express. Most importantly, do not include a listing of facts about the topic. What is being asked is your impression of each topic/religion, as well as any questions you may have. Give your opinion!
Each submission should include a name, date, and at least one paragraph/10 sentences. You are welcome to submit more than one paragraph.
If you are asking a question in which you’d like me to respond, please provide the context, i.e., if your question is from a text or a video you watched, please list the page #’s or title.
You are welcome to ask general questions regarding religion after you’ve written about that week’s topic.
Grades: You’ll receive a 95-100 (A) for a thorough response, an 85-94 (A-/B) for a response that meets the requirements but exhibits a lack of engagement with the topic, or an 84 or lower (B-F) for a response that is either late or missing key aspects of the requirements. The numbered grade will be on your Schoology page in the grade book.

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