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Discussion – AAA

Discussion – AAA

AAA is one of the tenets of information systems security that offers the basis of security policies. AAA is an abbreviation for authentication, authorization, and accounting. Authorization is a term that denotes the process of identifying the user and offering them access to the network (Kim and Michael 127). The authentication process is mostly done through username and password credentials. Nevertheless, some users have now adopted passwordless authentication measures, including but not limited to biometrics like eye scans or even fingerprints, together with hardware such as smart cards or tokens. The authentication procedure is important on a network because it ensures that a user with fake credentials is not granted access to the network (Kim and Michael 138). The server evaluates the credential data submitted by the user compared to those stored on the network’s database. In the incidence that they do not match, the respective user is not granted access.

The second bit of the AAA policies is authorization, which is directed at enforcing the network policies, user privileges, and granular access control. This bit of the AAA policy determines the ideal network resources that respective users can access, whether the database, online service, or a particular application. The other role played by authorization is that it determines the tasks and activities that the respective users can execute with the resources at their disposal (Housley & Aboba 493). The final part of the AAA policies is accounting, which entails evaluating what is happening within the network. The policy entails collecting and logging data on user sessions, including but not limited to the type of session, the length of time, and the usage of resources at disposal. Accounting is important in an organization’s network because it helps in not only the security but also the operational evaluations (Housley & Aboba 503). It also aids organizations to be able to adjust their level of capacity based on the quantity of resources at their disposal.

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Discussion - AAA

Discussion – AAA

There are two basic tenets in information systems security that provide the basis of many of the security policies that govern server configuration and network access control: the CIA Triad and AAA policies. The CIA Triad defines the three fundamental areas of security, which are Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. AAA extends the CIA and provides protection through its elements: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. Research to learn the focus of each of the three parts of the AAA policies and the role each has in protecting a system or network.
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