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How to Write a Discrimination Essay

How to Write a Discrimination Essay

Discrimination essay

Discrimination essays are quite common in universities, high schools, and colleges. Discrimination has existed over the years and is still part of our modern society. Discrimination has brought out plenty of effects on social, economic, and cultural events. Discrimination comes up as a result of many factors such as race, sex, criminal records, skin color, family status, religious affiliation, social class, and even species amongst other attributes.

If you have been asked to write an essay on discrimination do not feel challenged. Discrimination essays are quite easy to compose all you need is excellent writing skills, critical thinking, reasoning, and argumentative skills. This article is going to teach you how to write a discrimination essay and even give you a list of discrimination essay topics you can choose for your paper.

What is a discrimination essay?

A discrimination essay is an essay type that provides information on various discrimination aspects after conducting analysis and discussions. Discrimination is the act of treating groups, animals, or even people indifferently based on characteristics such as religion, race, disability, gender, and age.

There are different types of discrimination namely, gender discrimination, education discrimination, religion discrimination, race discrimination, disability discrimination, and sexual orientation discrimination.

Process of Writing a Discrimination Essay

The guide below gives you steps to follow when writing your discrimination essay.

  1. Choose your discrimination type

As we have learned, there are various forms of discrimination you can focus on. Race, gender, education, sex, and education all these are worthy focus points. For your essay writing you will need to choose the type of discrimination that you find interesting or that you can relate to.  This will keep you focused and motivated.

  1. Do your research

You will need to gather enough data for your paper. Conduct research in journals, books, scholarly articles, and other relevant sources. Make sure you are using credible sources when doing your research. It helps when you take notes and organize your information, this will help you have an easier time when writing the essay.

  1. Come up with a thesis statement

You will need to develop a thesis statement that lets your audience understand what your essay will focus on and your point of view. Make sure the thesis statement captures everything about the essay and the things you are going to cover.

  1. Develop an outline

Creating an outline helps you create the flow of your essay. Organize your research in a way you have already figured out where you will structure all your main points. A general discrimination essay outline comprises an introduction, Body, and conclusion.

  1. Introduction

The introduction is a crucial part of the essay because it is where you capture the attention of your target audience. You can begin your essay with an anecdote, quote, joke, or even statistic to hook your reader. Develop a clear thesis statement that will show your area of focus and the stance you are taking. The introduction is also meant to help the audience realize the context of the essay.

  1. Body paragraphs

As per the research you conducted you are to ensure all your main points are discussed in specific paragraphs. Follow up with sufficient evidence that supports your points and even provide examples and analysis. The number of paragraphs will vary with the essay requirements and should be organized and relevant to the topic of discrimination. You can use the structure below for your essay.

  • Topic sentence – state the main point of discussion
  • Evidence- Bring forth facts to support your points
  • Analysis – expound on the connection between the evidence and the overall subject and how it is supportive.
  • Counterarguments – This part is optional unless requested, make sure you provide the readers with the opposing views from other writers. This will help you be more convincing about your arguments.
  • Transition – end every paragraph with a transition sentence that lets you move smoothly to your next paragraph.
  1. What are the causes and the effects?

Talk about how individuals, groups, and communities have suffered under the type of discrimination you are covering. Talk about both the long-term and short-term effects. Do not forget to discuss what causes that type of discrimination.

  1. Personal relations

Are there personal experiences that make you relate to the discrimination? In-corporate case studies which will create depth in your essay by letting your readers understand how you relate.

  1. Conclusion

Give a summary of all the main points discussed in the essay and then restate your thesis statement. Call your audience to action by letting them know the benefits of solving discrimination and the positive impacts it holds.

  1. Proofread and format

Go through your essay and check for any errors.  Make the necessary corrections for grammar and punctuation. You can seek help from apps like Grammarly. Use the requested citation style to format your work.

  1. Cite sources

Cite all your reference materials. This shows credibility in your information.

Discrimination essay examples

Discrimination is an issue that manifests in various forms affecting societies all over the world. This essay on discrimination aims to teach you the various examples we have of discrimination.

  1. Racial discrimination

Racial discrimination has been evident since historical times till now. Some examples of areas where you will find this type of discrimination are, housing segregation, disparities in the workplace, and racial profiling from law enforcement. There have been movements coming up such as “Black Lives Matter” all aimed at addressing this discrimination.

  1. Religious discrimination

There have been cases of hate crimes towards women dressed in hijab. This is an example of the different ways in which religious discrimination manifests. Detriment on different faiths is also common. In the modern community, different Faiths are coming up and everybody is convinced that their religion is better. Religious discrimination occurs when everybody thinks their religion is better than the rest.

  1. Gender discrimination

Women have been fighting for their rights over the ages and feminism movements have become an order of the day. The right to vote, right to work, right to fair wages, and even the right to reproduction all are places where women have sought equality.  Despite the struggles, gender discrimination is still evident in today’s society.

  1. Age discrimination

Age discrimination is experienced in different areas like the workforce. This is where the young are not able to access certain jobs because of their experience and the elderly cannot get opportunities in the work places because of their age.

  1. Disability discrimination

People with disabilities have been receiving discrimination in areas such as access to infrastructure, availability of employment, and even access to education. Society should find ways in which they include everybody and create accessibility to resources for everybody.

Discrimination essay topics

  1. Discuss how social media reflects discrimination and the types of discrimination.
  2. Which form of discrimination is displayed through police brutality?
  3. Name reasons why discrimination has increased in society
  4. Black people facing discrimination to undergo death penalties
  5. Male actors receive privilege compared to women actors in terms of pay and roles
  6. Strategies for addressing sexual discrimination in society
  7. Explains how people practicing gender discrimination should be punished
  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of beauty pageants for children’s development
  9. Explain why prejudice is a form of discrimination.
  10. Discuss the discrimination that occurred in Germany and the Nazis were violent towards the Jews.
  11. Different ways in which women suffer from inequality and have no right to feminism
  12. Ways the legislation can be better at upholding women’s equality in the workplace
  13. Sexism on women in the employment sector
  14. Why were women termed as insignificant in the historical times and is that still the case?
  15. What is the difference between sex stereotypes in the 19th century and the 20th century?
  16. Discuss the different feminist movements that have occurred over the years
  17. How does the porn industry portray feminism?
  18. Changes in modern society that have made feminism sound sexist
  19. Why education institutions have not been able to solve the issue of racial discrimination
  20. Effects of colonialism on racism
  21. What is the relationship between racial discrimination and an increase in the crime level?
  22. How does advertisement contribute to age discrimination?
  23. How can the government address discrimination in the workplace because of age?
  24. Factors that lead to early childhood discrimination.
  25. How the LGBTQ society faces discrimination in schools and homes
  26. How transgender do not access the right health care because of discrimination
  27. Discrimination as a result of body image standards
  28. Ways in which language diversity can lead to discrimination
  29. How can society teach individuals to stop discriminating against people with HIV/AIDS
  30. How single mothers face discrimination in the community

To wind up

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