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Disability Mentoring Program

Disability Mentoring Program

The APA Disability Mentoring Program is meant to support and mentor people with disabilities who want to work in psychology. This program seeks to address the underrepresentation of people with disabilities in graduate programs and jobs in psychology, as well as the problems they may experience. Mentors are psychologists with disabilities or allies who are actively involved in disability-related research, practice, or education, and mentees are current psychology graduate students, interns, postdoctoral fellows with disabilities, or psychologists who have acquired a disability (McGunnigle, 2022). Both mentors and mentees benefit from the program, which includes a better understanding of the field, mentoring, and personal and professional progress. The major purpose of the program is to encourage inclusion, assist in the retention of individuals with disabilities in psychology studies, and improve their experience in academic programs and jobs in the profession. Matching with a mentor in the program is contingent on mentor availability and is open to those who self-identify as having a disability, visible or invisible.

The information offered about the APA Disability Mentoring Program serves an important role in enhancing the lives of people with disability identities by providing mentorship and assistance in the area of psychology. By addressing the underrepresentation and unique challenges faced by people with disabilities in this profession, the program equips mentees to navigate graduate psychology programs and careers with increased confidence, access to valuable networks and resources, and a better understanding of the discipline. Disability Mentoring Program allows mentors to give back to the field, supporting personal and professional development while advocating a more inclusive and varied future for psychology. Finally, this project serves to break down obstacles, support success, and improve the entire experience and possibilities for those with disability identities in the field of psychology.


McGunnigle, C. (2022). Disability and the academic job market. Vernon Press.


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Disability Mentoring Program

Disability Mentoring Program
Select a link under one of the subheadings (e.g., Program, Awards & Grants, etc.). Read the information about the topic and then summarize it. How does the information you read about help to improve the lives of people with disability identities? Please upload your response in an MS Word document. No more than one page, double-spaced.

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