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Diffusion of Innovation Theory- CAPSTONE – Gestational Diabetes Management Program

Diffusion of Innovation Theory- CAPSTONE – Gestational Diabetes Management Program

Need or Problem

Gestational diabetes is a condition characterized by elevated blood sugar levels in pregnant women. Approximately 10% of pregnant women globally are affected (Quintanilla & Mahdy, 2019). Gestational diabetes heightens the likelihood of complications for the mother and baby, including premature birth, low birth weight, and macrosomia.


Gestational diabetes is preventable (Gestational Diabetes 2022). Timely detection and intervention can mitigate potential complications. Yet, numerous women with gestational diabetes lack sufficient care.


The project aims to establish a thorough program for managing gestational diabetes. The program will encompass Early identification and screening of pregnant women for gestational diabetes, providing guidance and support in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, and glycemic control, and advocacy for women’s adoption of transformative lifestyle modifications and pharmacological treatment for women requiring medication.


Early identification and intervention have been shown to effectively mitigate complications in women with gestational diabetes (Preda et al., 2023). A systematic review revealed that comprehensive gestational diabetes management reduces the risk of preterm birth, low birth weight, and macrosomia in women.


Resource availability, including skilled personnel and equipment, will significantly impact the project’s success. The program’s success will hinge on the participation of women.
The project aims to decrease the occurrence of gestational diabetes. It is anticipated to decrease complications for women with gestational diabetes and their infants.


The project is anticipated to greatly influence the well-being of both mothers and infants. Reducing complications related to gestational diabetes is anticipated to yield cost savings.


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Develop a one-page diagram of the theoretical foundation (E M ROGERS)for your project/program (CAPSTONE- GESTATIONAL DIABETES), describing how and why your project should achieve the desired outcome. Add references on the second page. You may arrange items in the diagram in any way you choose, but the diagrams should include each of the following components and show the logical connections between them:

Diffusion of Innovation Theory- CAPSTONE - Gestational Diabetes Management Program

Diffusion of Innovation Theory- CAPSTONE – Gestational Diabetes Management Program

The need or problem to be addressed by the project/program with supporting data
The context for the project/program (attach a reference list with your diagram)
The strategy (ies) proposed to address the need/problem
The evidence base for the proposed strategies (attached a reference list with your diagram)
Factors that will influence the use of strategy
The expected outcomes of the project/program
The resulting impact of the project/program if the outcomes are achieved.

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