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How to write dialogue in an essay

Dialogue in an essay

Dialogue is a conversation between two people or parties based on a specific topic. The intention of placing dialogue in an essay is to express differences in opinions or views about a said topic. There are a couple of points below that can assist you during the incorporation of dialogue in an essay. Below points are some things you should watch out for during the writing of your dialogue essay paper

  1. Provide clarity during the airing of the opinions. You should not have material that only consumes space and has no effect on the development of the paper.
  2. Ensure the language you use during writing is official and is not slang.
  3. Avoid words that express a lack of trust in the opinion that is being aired out. Words like, ‘hm’, ’sorta’, and ‘kinda’.

Different kinds of dialogues can be incorporated into an essay. The different types of essays are expressed and defined by the participle context. Present dialogue is more of writing in the exact words used by the person having the conversation while passive dialogue is more of reporting what was said by a conversant.

How to write a dialogue in an essay

  1. The first reason is to consider the effect the dialogue would have on the essay. Determining the reason for dialogue is important in your paper. Dialogue can be placed to bring more clarity on a matter or even enrich the quality of the paper. You should only consider adding dialogue to your piece of paper if it brings a huge positive effect.
  2. The previous point will help you know the characters who should be conversing in your paper. Characters should be few to make it easier to comprehend who I talking to and the stand the character has. During writing, it is advisable to have the voice of the person in conversation in mind and the character that the persona possesses. This will help you know what the person will deliver and how.
  3. Punctuation is of huge importance as it helps u understand what was said and the tone. Opening and closing marks should be used effectively to mark the exact words used by the people in the dialogue in the paper.
  4. Every person having a conversation in the paper should have their words placed in different paragraphs. This will ensure that the work looks neat. This will also assist the reader to know that a different paragraph is another person.
  5. Write the dialogue with clarity. You should tick on what you intend to affect your paper. Real-life conversations have small talk but when adding a dialogue to an essay. You should ensure that you only write what is important to ensure the reader captures easily the message.
  6. Depict who is talking using dialogue tags. This should ensure that the reader can easily identify who I saying the words written in the dialogue.
  7. You should also depict the body movements and expressions of people who are active in your dialogue. Capture the actions by the use of action beats. The use of action beats helps the reader to get a more descriptive aspect of the people involved in the dialogue.
  8. In the case of creating an image for your reader, you should also create a picture of the environment in which the dialogue is taking place. Giving data on the setting is helpful as it helps your dialogue to be grounded. Get in touch with us at

How to quote dialogue in an essay

Quoting of conversation entails the use of punctuation marks. Opening and closing marks are the most important punctuation mark as they help depict the exact words used. Another important point is using different paragraphs in the case of having two or more people involved in the dialogue whenever the participant changes.

Dialogue punctuation is very much dependent on the style of writing. Below you will get expounded data on the different punctuations.


  1. During quoting of an author, of importance is the author and the page the direct quote was extracted from. Denoting the two said information is of importance in this style of writing.
  2. If you want to add more information in a section that entails words that are quotations, ensure that the added words are placed in brackets to separate them from the rest.
  3. Speech tags are separated using commas when writing short quotations
  4. Ellipsis is also used to express that there was more information but it was not relevant concerning the addition of value to the paper.
  5. In the writing of long quotations, you should have quotations beginning every paragraph.
  6. During the writing of indirect quotes, the use of a double quotation is not allowed.


  1. Dialogue tags and quotes are placed in the same line if the quotation is short.
  2. When writing a quotation that contains more than 40 words, it is important to depict the author and the source first. You should then add a colon then write the quotation in the form of a paragraph. During the writing, you should also mention the page that it was taken from.
  3. In case a character has a quotation that is more than a paragraph, you should place the quotation at the beginning of the first paragraph and the closing marks on the last paragraph.
  4. The quotation is not necessary when writing indirect quotes.

Dialogue in an essay example

“You should write the paper within 2 hours,” said Julian. ”I have already done the research for you and the due date is near.” She said the words looking infuriated and then shouted. “I will not look for your assistance anymore when in need of my papers being written.”

Narrative essay with dialogue

Narrative essays tend to have fictional characters at times to grow the story. Writers use dialogue as a means to capture the attention of the reader. Dialogue is important as the reader can understand the characters better.

How to format dialogue in a narrative essay

Expression of dialogue during the writing of narrative essays can be categorized into two sections internal and external dialogue. When a character in the narrative essay thinks in their head the thought is placed in the narrative as a quotation, this case is called internal dialogue. When a character says a quotation in words and the writer quotes the exact words, this case is called external dialogue.

During the writing of narrative essays, most words that are direct quotations are placed inside quotation marks. Indirect quotation is more of a tool that I used to give a summary of a long conversation that could not be wholly quoted.

Use the following steps to format a dialogue in a narrative essay.

  1. The word that has been quoted directly should be placed inside quotation marks
  2. The dialogue tags that express who said the quoted words should be placed outside the quotation marks.
  3. If you would like to write about an action that happened before or after the quoted words were said, you should use a different sentence.
  4. Single quotes are used to show that the person being quoted has quoted somebody else.
  5. New paragraphs are used to show that it is a different speaker this is in the case of having two or more participants in the essay.
  6. If you have expressed an action that has occurred in the middle of a quotation. The second section of the essay should start with a small letter.
  7. If a character does a long speech, the quotation is placed at the beginning of the first paragraph and the closing marks are placed at the closing of the last paragraph.
  8. Dashes are placed inside quotations to how an interruption occurred.
  9. Ellipsis is used to express that the conversation being quoted continued. It is advisable not to use additional quotations after using ellipsis.


The above paper has given an elaboration on how to tackle dialogue writing. Follow the above instruction that has been expounded to provide you with assistance to enable you to write a top-notch paper. In case you need more clarity on specific detail during the writing of dialogue in your paper, you should visit our site. Here you will be taught how to write a dialogue essay. If you need dialogue essay examples to help you as a template to write your paper, this is the right online destination.

Hoping you can tackle the problem of dialogue in the essay with the use of the points we have conversed about. Whether you are writing any form of the story, the above rules are applicable and you should abide. Hire our admission essay writing services today and you will rest assured of a stellar admission essay that will hack your admission process.

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