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Developing Training Case Management Program for UR Nurses

Developing Training Case Management Program for UR Nurses

Healthcare organizations require continuous improvement to equip healthcare workers with updated competencies to provide safe, effective, reliable, high-quality, and fair care (Malmivaara, 2020). Although investing in the training and development process can have positive impacts on care quality and organizational effectiveness, organizations cannot just implement learning programs.

Learning within healthcare organizations can occur effectively if the training programs are based on an analysis of the whole organization, specific departments, and the individual healthcare workers. Accordingly, this helps identify training needs at the organization, department, and individual employee levels. Elements of employee feedback can help identify department and employee training needs (Armstrong & Landers, 2018). Updating training programs using employee feedback refines the programs to meet the actual organizational and employee training needs.

CVS Health has the capacity to support staff learning. However, the training programs are generalized. It is recommended that the current training programs be updated using feedback from specific departments and healthcare workers within such departments. A recommended training program is a training program focused on Case Management for utilization review (UR) nurses. UR nurses have a responsibility to provide care to in-hospital patients. They also follow up on patients as case managers after discharge to ensure the patients do not experience any complications and design a post-discharge care plan to improve patient adaptability. This training program will equip case managers with fundamental case management knowledge and skills to enable the to define cases and understand their responsibilities as case managers. They will be equipped with improved skills on data collection and utilization and skills to work with multidisciplinary teams to manage patients outside of the care facility. These skills can improve the capacity of case managers to support patients through the transition from hospital care to home care and recovery.


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Prior to developing your training programs, you must analyze your organizational needs, identify employee skills gaps based on performance, and have resources available to support training goals, including those associated with succession planning. These constitute learning conditions to ensure training programs have purpose and alignment with organizational goals. Thinking about the learning conditions described, what do you think is most necessary for learning to occur in your current organization? Assume your organization has the readiness for learning, and recommend at least one training program your organization would benefit from implementing. Explain why.

Developing Training Case Management Program for UR Nurses

Developing Training Case Management Program for UR Nurses

Client’s Notes:
I am a utilization nurse @ CVS Health. I would like to get some training in Case Management; UR nurses take care of pt’s needs when they are in the hospital, and Case managers follow up with patients once they discharge. If UR nurses get some training on what all CM does, then we could better utilize them to help our members. Thank you

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