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Developing Top Talent

Developing Top Talent

Qualities Offered by Employees

The top qualities employees should offer to an organization include communication, work ethics, and problem-solving skills. Communication skills are some of the significant qualities employers look for from employees. Respective HR teams test potential job candidates to ascertain their competence in written, verbal, and physical communication (Derler & Weibler, 2014). Ideal employees must prove their ability to engage different parties and provide appropriate feedback. Also, employers look for employees with unquestionable work ethics. Worth ethics involves being a hard worker and delivering tasks on time (Derler & Weibler, 2014). Work ethics also require employees to communicate in advance if they cannot provide an assignment on time. Given the urgency with which today’s businesses operate, outstanding work ethics are helpful. Finally, employers look for creative people to identify problems and offer solutions. Such employees not only follow managers’ instructions but are also actively engaged in seeking to pursue organizational goals (Turner, 2002). Having realized the importance of hiring problem solvers, most organizations are shifting from the hierarchical managerial model to a collaborative one.

Strategy to Enable Employees to Acquire Ideal Qualities 

According to Walters & Rodriguez (2017), employee training remains an effective strategy to help employees acquire the necessary qualities to perform their jobs. Employee training aligns employees’ skills with organizational culture and managers’ expectations. Besides enhancing employees’ skills, training efforts also improve their productivity and motivation to perform their tasks. Once employees start performing at their optimum level, the organization’s profits improve. Also, employees can be trained to fulfill the recommendations of a performance appraisal. Performance appraisals often wind up with suggestions for specific skills and areas of work that need improvement. For instance, in a multicultural organization, employees may be instructed to acquire training on diverse communication to fit in.


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Developing Top Talent

Developing Top Talent

Selecting the right employee is critical to an organization’s success. Different workplaces value different skill sets. However, some qualities are valued in a wide variety of settings. What are the most advantageous qualities an employee should have in today’s workplace? How can HR assist an employee in attaining those qualities?

Identify the top three to five qualities employees should be able to offer to an organization.
Then, share at least one strategy HR can use to help their employees attain these qualities.

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