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Developing a Professional Reputation, Factors and Concerns Contributing to a Successful Year of Teaching

Developing a Professional Reputation, Factors, and Concerns Contributing to a Successful Year of Teaching

Question One: Developing a Professional Reputation

One of the things I can do to develop a professional reputation is to meet and exceed my employer’s reputation. For example, I can ensure that my learners score high marks to meet the institution’s targets. The second thing I can do to maintain professional communication is to use the right communication channels and acknowledge other people’s perspectives. The third thing is creating a collaborative learning environment to maintain a good relationship with learners. The fourth thing is being committed to my work. Commitment may include setting aside time to assist learners in revising for exams and customizing my teaching based on every student’s learning needs. Another thing is welcoming critical feedback from learners and colleagues to identify my weaknesses and how to eliminate them. Notably, meeting and exceeding expectations is more important than the others I have identified because it will create opportunities to advance my career through rewards such as promotions and training.

Question Two: Factors That Contribute To a Successful First Year of Teaching and Concerns Regarding the First Year of Teaching

One of the factors that will contribute to a successful first year of teaching is having an engaging personality. I can leverage my engaging personality to understand the learners’ needs and develop a good relationship with them. The second factor is demonstrating a command of the subjects I will teach. Exhibiting expertise in the subject I will be teaching will help me develop confidence and incorporate new techniques based on the learners’ understanding of the subject. Still, my biggest fear when thinking about my first year of teaching is the complexities of the classroom. According to Kauchak & Eggen (2020), teachers must make many decisions and promptly respond to incidents within the classroom setting. I am concerned that I may make the wrong decisions that could ruin my professional reputation.


Kauchak, D. P., & Eggen, P. D. (2020). Introduction to teaching: Becoming a professional. Pearson.


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Developing a Professional Reputation

Developing a Professional Reputation

This week, you have two short answer questions to complete for your reading check.

  1. How do you develop a professional reputation? List at least 4 things you can do to develop a professional reputation. (4 points) Is any one thing more important than another? (1 point)
  2. Identify two factors that will contribute to a successful first year of teaching. (4 points) After reading this chapter, what is your biggest concern/fear when thinking about your first year of teaching? (1 point)

Book: Introduction to Teaching Becoming a Professional by Don Kauchak, Paul Eggen

Book Link: Yuzu Reader: Introduction to Teaching – Chapter 13

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