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Demonstrating Requirements Gathering for Software System Selection- A Lab Exercise

Demonstrating Requirements Gathering for Software System Selection- A Lab Exercise

The new accounting system should be able to create graphs and charts that make understanding annual or large datasets easier. The current manual accounting methods do not allow for the production charts unless data is manually added to charting software.

Our new accounting system should be able to generate reports by product, type of purchase, and many other filters. These reports will also be generated within a short period. Currently, the manual system in place can only allow manual reports to be written by hand, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

The new accounting system will be required to disburse all funds for wages on a specified date automatically. The current system requires the finance department to specify each employee and wages to be disbursed and send the funds per individual.

The system should have an automatic backup system that saves a duplicate of all crucial data at another location. The current filing system does not have a backup and risks losing data permanently.

The new system should keep a log of all user activity while using the accounting software; this will be useful while tracking errors and breaches. The current manual filing system cannot show user activity while in the accounts office.

The new system should be able to limit the data displayed according to user privileges. In the current system, data access is physically managed by the accounts officer, who is bound to make errors at some point.

The current manual accounting system recording monthly data takes up to 8 hours; the new accounting system should cut this time into minutes as data is received; the system should automatically integrate the data into its records.

The new system will be integrated with an automatic error reporting feature. In the current system, if the accounting officer does not insert data on an entry or inserts a symbol instead of a figure, the error will not be noticed.


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Follow the instructions in this link:

ITM 300 – Lab 4 – Requirements Gathering

The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate your ability to gather requirements as a part of software system selection.

Current Situation

Acme Manufacturing is located in Kansas City, MO

Total employees – 200

50 office employees, e.g. CEO, Sales, Finance/Accounting, HR, IT, Legal, Engineering

150 employees in manufacturing

Revenue – $50M annually


Specialty projects used in construction

Weighs 4 ounces

Inventory held in 3 warehouses, east, mid-west, west

The product is $5/unit, average sale is 20 units ($100)

Product sold via company website (credit cards) or telephone orders (purchase order)

Products sold domestically in the US only (no international sales)

Discounts offered to loyal customers


The head of accounting and finance (CFO) wants a new accounting system for the company as everything is done today manual

Assume you are an IT business analyst and you work closely with the CFO and the Finance team. Also, assume that you already interviewed everyone in the CFO’s organization to collect requirements for the new accounting system.

Demonstrating Requirements Gathering for Software System Selection- A Lab Exercise

Demonstrating Requirements Gathering for Software System Selection- A Lab Exercise

You are getting ready to review the requirements of the new system with the CFO

In Microsoft Word, write 8 high-quality requirements in the form of bullets. You should feel free to make assumptions in your bullets to build the requirements. Also note that good requirements are often written as below, describing the current problem and the desired future state. For example:

Our current auditors are Ernst and Young. The current quarterly audit takes 2 days and the annual audit 1 week due to all of the manual processes we have in place. The new system needs to enable Acme to reduce quarterly audits to 4 hours and annual audits to 2 days.

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