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Decision-Making Models

Decision-Making Models

In my nursing career, decision-making is done all the time. I strive to make the decision using readily available information. There was an instance in which I had to make an urgent but critical decision. This decision required me to consider the details available in the information presented, and I decided to use one of the decision-making models. I utilized the rationalized decision-making model. This systematic process involves choosing among available options based on facts and information (Alvino & Franco, 2017). This model made my work easier since no extra details were required in the decision-making process. However, this decision-making tool was not effective since the process was slow. It was hard to decide with the present facts. I also had to borrow concepts around me to make a decision. It would have been easier if I had selected a different model to make the process efficient and faster. However, I was busy that day, and a lot of things required my attention; hence, this influenced my decision-making.

The best decision-making tool I would have selected was the cost-benefit analysis model. This model would have allowed me to decide best on the benefits and costs associated with the options available. Subsequently, this would have allowed me to weigh options best based on their cost of implementation and their related benefits. The choice I select should have minimum prices for the healthcare organizations I work with but have short-term and long-term benefits. The cost-benefit model allows an individual to choose an option that will have maximum benefits but with minimum costs (Phelps & Madhavan, 2018)

In conclusion, we are faced with many decisions in our personal and professional lives. It is thus important to be aware of the available decision-making models. Healthcare professionals must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each model before deciding on the one to apply.


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Decision-Making Models

Decision-Making Models

Describe a time you have had to make a major decision in your career. Did you use strategies similar to those in any of the decision-making models covered in this topic? Did the system work well for you? If not, which model do you feel would have been best to use in that situation?

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