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Database Concepts – eCommerce Database

Database Concepts – eCommerce Database

An example of a database I might use in my future career is the eCommerce database. As a web developer, I would be required to use the eCommerce database to advertise my services on social media platforms and get easy access to an array of customers. Utilizing an eCommerce database like WooCommerce would help me ensure that my services are properly organized, pricing is easily visible, customer information can be accessed quickly, and customers’ purchasing history (Kroenke et al., 2020). I can also leverage my eCommerce database to recommend other potential services to my loyal customers. The data posted on this database would be highly secure since it is protected by the standards established through PCI compliance.

The eCommerce database is composed of several related tables. In this case, the table may store important data about a subject, such as employees or the services offered to the end users. The tables within the database are composed of records, which are also identified as rows, and fields, which are also identified as columns. The fields are composed of different data sets, including but not limited to numbers, dates, text, and hyperlinks (Kroenke et al., 2020). Lastly, a database refers to a structured data set often held within the computer and can be easily accessed in various ways. The database now comprises fields, records, and tables.

The management of the database by either accessing or using the worksheet in Excel has its own distinct set of advantages. For instance, if one’s goal is to maintain the integrity of the data in a manner that multiple users can easily access, then the best choice would be to access it. At the same time, Excel is preferred if one uses complex numerical data for in-depth analysis (Kroenke et al., 2020). Therefore, managing the database information in access is beneficial because it helps one to stay organized, easy to search, and quickly available to multiple simultaneous users. On the other hand, managing the database information using a worksheet in Excel is beneficial while performing complex calculations, evaluating possible outcomes, and seeking to produce high-quality charts (Kroenke et al., 2020). Therefore, if both Access and Excel are utilized, one can benefit from both programs.


Kroenke, D. M., Auer, D. J., Vandenberg, S. L., & Yoder, R. C. (2010). Database concepts (pp. 1480-1486). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


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Database Concepts - eCommerce Database

Database Concepts – eCommerce Database

Describe a database that might be used in your current or future career. Using this data, explain the relationship between a field, a record, a table and a database. In addition, what are the advantages of managing database information in access versus using a worksheet in Excel?

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