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Data on the Move

Data on the Move

Data is moved from my home to this in various ways. The first way is through the use of external storage media, such as inserting a flash drive into the computer and pasting the required data. Upon getting to the school, I can then insert the same purpose into the class computer and paste the same data to this computer (Wu et al., 2015). Alternatively, the second way involves using WI-FI to transfer the data from my home computer to the class portal. The last method that I could employ is cloud storage or web transfer. This involves using the internet to send files from my home computer to the class portal. If the two computers have synchronized folders when my home computer uploads a particular file, the class computer should initiate the download process of the same file in real-time (Wu et al., 2015).

My data is vulnerable to cyber threats in several ways. The first way is through malware, whereby hackers may use software to perform malicious tasks and corrupt the data moving through the system. Besides this, the second way is that the data may be vulnerable to phishing. An email is sent to me, tricking me into disclosing confidential information by downloading or clicking on the malware sent as a message (Aloul et al., 2012). The final threat for consideration regarding transferring my data over the internet is the man-in-the-middle attack. This threat is brought about by the attacker establishing a position between the sender and the recipient of the electronic message and intercepting this message while in transit (Aloul et al., 2012).

I try to secure my data by employing a number of measures. The first example entails using strong passwords for my email and portal accounts. This limits the tendency for an individual to access my vital information. The second example entails being wary of suspicious emails. Emails that bear bad grammar, requests for me to act in haste, or any requests to initiate payment would be kept pending until proven that they are from legitimate sources (Aloul et al., 2012). Lastly, installing anti-virus and malware protection software on my desktop sieves through all the information I receive from third parties securing my data (Aloul et al., 2012).


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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Discuss how data is moved from your home to this class.

Data on the Move

Data on the Move

How is your data vulnerable to cyber threats?
What are some examples of ways that you try to secure your data?

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