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Data Breaches – T-Mobile Company

Data Breaches – T-Mobile Company

A Company That Fell Victim to a Breach

One of the companies that has fallen victim to data breaches is the T-Mobile Company. The company has experienced two data breach incidents this year alone. T-Mobile Company discovered that hackers had accessed personal information belonging to hundreds of its customers for over a month, beginning in late February 2023. The first breach within T-Mobile Company was reported on January 5th, when malicious actors accessed basic customer information (Faircloth et al., 2023). Some of the primary customer information accessed at the onset of this year included customers’ phone numbers, email addresses, billing addresses, names, dates of birth, and T-Mobile account numbers. The second breach occurred in May this year, impacting close to 37 million people and affecting about 840 customers belonging to T-Mobile Company (Faircloth et al., 2023).

The data breach incident at T-Mobile Company occurred when a lousy actor utilized a single application programming interface to acquire limited information on customer accounts. Besides getting access to essential customer information as outlined above, the hacking did not expose payment card information, driver’s license, social security numbers, and government-issued ID numbers (Faircloth et al., 2023).

How the Breach Was Resolved

As a measure of resolving this data breach, T-Mobile reported the incident to relevant law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, the company has also partnered with external cyber experts to investigate the data breach incident (Faircloth et al., 2023). To settle the data breach incident with its customers, the company agreed to pay $350 million. In addition, it allocated $150 million to its cyber-security investment to cushion its customers’ data even better (Faircloth et al., 2023).

Avoiding Data Breach

There are various measures that T-Mobile Company can adopt to prevent data breaches in the future. First, the company should limit access to its most valuable data (Tawalbeh et al., 2020). When the company limits access to the number of employees permitted to view certain documents, it will narrow the number of employees who may accidentally click a harmful link (Tawalbeh et al., 2020). Also, T-Mobile Company should consider conducting employee security awareness training, updating its software regularly, and developing a cyber-breach response plan.


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Data breaches are more common than one may think. They can occur with individuals, such as when a credit card number is stolen, or with large companies, such as when they are hacked and all of their stored information is leaked.

Data Breaches - T-Mobile Company

Data Breaches – T-Mobile Company

Search the internet for a reputable site that describes a company’s data breach incident that happened in the past 2 years.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words.

What company fell victim to a breach and what happened?
According to publicly available information, how was the breach resolved?
How can the company avoid this breach in the future?

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