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Customer Relationship Action Plan

 Customer Relationship Action Plan

Customers engage on social media platforms to get reviews and suggestions on improvement areas. According to Toni & Mattia (2022), customer engagement is vital in identifying value co-creation opportunities. The main activities in customer engagement will include establishing social media connectivity and creating a live assistance platform. The company will maintain customer relationships by improving customer engagement through support systems such as automating customer support. Hardalov et al. (2018) argue that automating customer support increases customer satisfaction by ensuring customer inquiries are responded to quickly. The company will also train customer service staff on how to offer high-quality customer services to increase customer satisfaction. The company will also use a membership program, coupons, and bonus points to create good customer relationships. Customer surveys will be conducted to understand customers’ needs and preferences. According to Mittal (2017), customer surveys should focus on assessing customer satisfaction levels to identify strengths and weaknesses in the customer service offered by a business or organization. The company will also use re-engagement emails to increase repeat purchases. Re-engagement emails focus on determining whether customers were pleased with the services they received and getting recommendations on improvement areas (Kumar, 2019). The re-engagement emails will be sent one week after customers use our services. The attached CRM Annual Overview document shows a breakdown of the customer service activities throughout the year.


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Unit 7 Assignment: Customer Relationship Action Plan
Attached Files:
File Schedule of CRM Activities Schedule of CRM Activities – Alternative Formats (205.298 KB)

Customer Relationship Action Plan

Customer Relationship Action Plan

File Annual Customer Relationship Plan Annual Customer Relationship Plan – Alternative Formats (65.668 KB)
Save and compete the attached Annual Customer Relationship Action Plan and Schedule of CRM Activities documents for your new business venture. Include specific activities and supporting notes. Your grade will be based on the significance and thoughtfulness of the items you entered into the CRM Action Plan.

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