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Cultural Competency vs. Diversity

Cultural Competency vs. Diversity

Transcultural is the ability of one being able to exhibit more than one human cultural behaviour. It helps nursing students transform how they think to change them into culturally competent nurses capable of providing safe and ethical care to individuals (Andrews et al., 2020). Due to the increased number of cultures globally, it is difficult for nurses to know all about every culture. Still, they can develop excellent cultural assessment, communicate with different cultures and follow a systematic process for delivering culturally competent care. There is a need for effective communication, teamwork between patients and clients, and collaboration between members of the care team, as addressed in the transcultural interprofessional practice model (Andrews et al., 2020).

Cultural competence involves both individuals and organizations focusing on providing competent care and policies guiding organizations to ensure that they function effectively in the diverse cultural interaction. It is a process where both individuals and organizations respond more respectably and effectively to people of all cultures (Greene-Moton & Meredith Minkler, 2020). Cultural competence will involve them in a self-assessment to understand that their culture is not superior to all; hence start appreciating and respecting the similarities and differences between the cultures. According to Danso (2016), introducing cultural competence expresses awareness of differences in social work.

Cultural humility is where practitioners have self-awareness of the limitations of the ability to understand their client’s culture and worldview. It involves a commitment to evaluating and addressing power imbalances between the larger group to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with the community favouring the individuals and the target group (Danso, 2016).

I feel culturally competent in my nursing practices due to my exposure to different cultural beliefs. I have learned from my clients most of their views without making them feel inferior or feeling my culture is better than theirs and understanding that cultural differences are not a problem to be overcome. The language barrier was a challenge I encountered when I had to look for an interpreter. I couldn’t fully understand my client’s needs because different backgrounds lacked a common language to communicate with them.

In conclusion, it is still difficult for one to be entirely culturally competent in another culture since eliminating the beliefs and cultural values is very difficult. Both cultural competence and humility help self-realization as they create awareness among practitioners and challenge the institutions by pinpointing all the injustices to create a free and fair world. Do you need urgent assignment help ? Get in touch with us at


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 Cultural Competency in Health Care 

Discussion Topic

Cultural Competency vs. Diversity

Cultural Competency vs. Diversity

Cultural Competency vs. Diversity

After reading this week’s chapter, in your own words, are cultural competency and diversity the same thing?

Please share your thoughts on this- for example, you can start by defining the two, next how they are similar or different, and where possible, you can use examples.

At least 250 words. APA Format

Course Materials: Rose, Patti (2013) Cultural Competency for the Health Professional. Jones and Bartlet

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