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How to write a critique paper

How to write a critique paper

 Critique paper

There is a stereotype that revolves around the writing of a critique paper. Most people believe they revolve around the negative or bad side of a movie review or given reading. We are living in a fast world and there are thousands if not millions of movies and other content materials being produced each day. There are plenty of information materials to be critiqued, be it blog posts, social media posts, news articles, and even scholarly papers.

What is a critique paper?

A paper critique is a piece of writing that offers critical, sufficient plus unbiased analysis and evaluation of a given piece. The paper provides a summary of the piece, the content, strengths and weaknesses, and overall effectiveness. Give the audience some background information about the author and make them understand the intentions and ideas the author is trying to bring forth in your assignment writing.

A critique paper needs to be written in a formal language and the critique paper format resembles that of an academic paper. It comprises an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Being a paper critic comes with perks such as being well-informed and improving your writing skills. This article is going to give you tips on how to write a critique paper and even teach you the 5 parts of a critique paper.

How to write a critique paper

  1. Comprehend the work

To give credible critiques make sure you read or watch the piece of work enough to understand it. Make sure you record everything important like the theme.

  1. Introduction

This is the part where you provide conditions and data about the piece you are critiquing. Summarize the piece of work, give the title, publication date, author, why you are writing the critique and what are your thoughts.

  1. Summary

Give brief contents of the work to help your audience learn more about the paper writing. Point out the arguments, plot points, and main ideas.

  1. Analyze

This is the principle of your critique paper. You will give an analysis of the work in various segments considering the following factors.

  • Thesis statement – come up with a thesis statement that clearly states the argument you will focus on in the paper.
  • Supportive evidence – to convince the audience you will need to provide credible and relevant evidence.
  • The structure – Make sure the structure of your critique paper is logical and clear.
  • Tone and the style- being considerate of the topic was the creator using the right tone and style of writing? Give your comments
  • Language – is everything clear to understand? Does the paper contain the right language? Is the grammar used appropriately?
  • Strengths and also weaknesses – point out the effectiveness of the paper and the problems you have detected. The strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unique and contribution – does the creator shed light on new information or view on the topic? Is the piece original?
  1. Personal response

What are your opinions on the piece? Give the various ways the piece made an impact on you. Did it manage to change your way of thinking? Were you challenged? Give your personal experience.

  1. Critique plus recommendations

Give your views of the work after the analysis. Did you feel there was room for improvement? Point out the areas that could use more work. For instance, say the evidence was not sufficient and relevant, maybe the arguments were baseless or weak and the paper was not organized right. Be specific and finish by giving suggestions of different ways the author can improve the paper.

  1. Conclusion

Give a summary of the critique paper and then emphasize the analysis and assessment you made and state any broader connections that exist.

  1. Edit and proofread

Go through your paper and make any necessary corrections. Look for errors in grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

What are the 5 parts of a critique paper?

A critique paper format is made up of 5 essential parts. Each part plays a unique role in providing information to the reader on your assessment. We have listed the parts below.

  1. Introduction

This part of the critique paper is meant to create awareness in the audience of the context of the work you are critiquing. You will also give reasons as to why you feel it is necessary to critique the work and your stand. The introduction consists of the following.

  • Work data – gives information about the release date, the creator, and the title
  • Context – in what circumstances was the piece created? Reasons and the benefit it serves and the genre.
  • Thesis statement – explain your reason for giving a critique on that specific piece and your point of focus.
  1. Summary

This part is meant to give the readers what the piece is all about. You are supposed to summarize every single detail without expounding the information.  Do not be biased or opinionated, focus on the reader’s details their arguments, and even ideas.

  1. Critique

This is the most important part of your critique paper. You will give your evaluation of the work. a complete critique has to cover the following discussions.

  • What are the weaknesses of the work?
  • What are the strengths of the work?
  • Provide sufficient backup with statistics and examples to support your theories
  • Discuss the accuracy and clarity of the paper
  • Is the paper biased?
  • Is the information relevant to the topic?
  1. Personal opinions

This part is where you give your thoughts and experiences of the piece. How did you feel or react after your interaction with the work? Make sure your responses are related to the critiques you submitted.

  1. Conclusion

This is the final part of the critique paper. Briefly summarize the paper and recall your thesis statement and wind up.

Critique paper sample

A critique of the novel “Remember Me”

“Remember Me” by Sophie Kinsella is a metamodernism fiction novel. The piece is an attention grabber while stimulating one to dive into self-discovery and identity search. Kinsella is a skillful novelist and is well known for coming up with narratives we can relate to. “Remember Me” is a tale about a protagonist who was involved in an accident that altered and complicated his whole life. You can expect to find humor and a sense of relatability. There is also the emotional side of the narrative that will move you but there are also predictable patterns.

Kinsella can utilize humor to lighten the characters’ situations and we can say this is one of her many strengths. Lexi Smart who is the protagonist wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and discovers she has lost 3 years of her life after being involved in an accident. You will be amused and perplexed by her journey of trying to place the pieces. There is relief in the humor for both the reader and Lexi. Kinsella could explore the emotional side of the story by minimizing the usage of humor as the story is a sad one.

The main focus of the narrative is self-discovery. As Lexi is working to get her life back she wonders about her choices in relationships, goals, and other decisions. The thoughts are a result of the journey of self-realization she embarked on and we see her rethinking the things she prioritized previously. Readers who have experienced self-doubt can relate to Lexi.

Nonetheless, like many narratives by women, the romantic sub-plot she included was cliché. As much as it was interesting it makes the piece predictable. The path taken by the romantic side is similar to any other romance novel. The way Lexi’s marriage is full of problems and her newly discovered interest in a new romantic partner is very predictable. This part drives the narrative away from its main focus.

Kinsella introduces the emotional side of the narrative but does not expound on them. The reader does not feel the emotional weight Lexi should have displayed after waking up with amnesia. Kinsella chose a comedic tone that does not allow her to dive into the rollercoaster of Lexi’s emotional and also psychological issues. The importance of exploring the emotional side in depth is lightly dismissed as compared to other moments.

To conclude, the narrative “Remember Me” by Sophie Kinsella uses humor plus self-discovery to capture the attention of its readers making it both interesting and enjoyable. Readers can relate and reflect on their lives to the narrative following the writing style she used. There is relief with the humor. However, the book would have been better if Kinsella dug deep into the emotional side and cut on the romantic side. “Remember Me” is truly remarkable and engaging despite its shortcomings.

In conclusion

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