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170 Critical thinking essay topics

170 Critical thinking essay topics

Critical thinking essay topics

A critical thinking essay is defined as an academic paper where students are supposed to come up with a logical and endorsed perspective about a given subject matter through analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of different texts.

When searching for critical thinking essay topics you need to consider your interests and those of your readers. The process of looking for the perfect topic is frustrating and exhausting. There is a lot of pressure because the essay you submit has to be high-quality and this relies on the topic you pick for your discussion paper.

This article will entirely focus on providing you with critical thinking essay topics examples. You can use the tips below to choose the right topic for your essay. Hire our essay writing tips in case you are devastated.

  • Let passion guide you. Choosing a topic you are passionate about builds motivation and makes you have fun when writing the essay.
  • Make sure there is enough, relevant and credible information on the topic
  • Informative, Can the topic you choose contribute new information?
  • Choose a topic that is not too broad, shallow, or generic.
  • Objective, You should be able to provide only facts about the topic and avoid giving opinions because you are biased.

Topics for critical thinking essay

Take time to analyze the list of critical thinking analysis topics below for your homework writing.

Critical essay topics for college students

  1. What are the differences and similarities that exist between the laws and principles of modern society and the society that existed 50 years ago?
  2. Why has modern art been termed strange?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology on the society?
  4. Eclecticism and individual fulfillment
  5. What is the science behind genetics? Discuss
  6. Let us make planet Earth a better initiative
  7. The pros and cons of drinking alcohol
  8. Is reproduction only important because it prevents the extinction of the human race?
  9. Different stars different galaxies. Is this a myth or a truth?
  10. Why do human beings invest in their appearance?
  11. Importance of building children and parents relationships and way of doing it
  12. What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment in terms of recovery?
  13. Changing the world starts with you. A case study.
  14. When did people start believing in zombies and vampires?
  15. Different reasons why TV shows are watched a lot
  16. Different strategies that society can use to make gay people safe from harassment
  17. What are the views on love between the modern and historical generations?
  18. Different ways we can overcome the need for validation by others
  19. Why do we need goals?
  20. What can we do to improve the air condition?
  21. The difference between what social media images sell and the real story
  22. What makes people bad?
  23. Is modern medicine better than herbal medicine?
  24. Impact of misunderstandings on want
  25. There is no success without risk. expound
  26. Name some public health strategies that can be used to assist people with mental health get accepted in society
  27. What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence
  28. Different ways of showing appreciation to the various cultures
  29. How is the course of political leaders impacted by social media?
  30. Different ways of using literature as a solution for mental health stigmatization
  31. Effects of climate change on tourists
  32. What is gene editing and is it right?
  33. Reasons why video games have negative effects on teenagers
  34. How can every voice in the mainstream media be included and represented?
  35. Different ways gender stereotypes have been influenced by pop culture

Good topics for critical thinking essay

  1. To maintain good health we are advised to stop using coloring on our food. Discuss
  2. What are the impacts of stress on productivity and how does this affect a team?
  3. Mention the five pillars present in Islamic culture and their role
  4. Where will social media be in the next decade?
  5. Discuss the different natural factors that hinder the growth or evolvement of different creatures in the sea
  6. Young people will start committing minor crimes when exposed to certain factors. Explain
  7. What is the connection between Chinese art and nature?
  8. What are the pros and cons of technology on human relationships and work?
  9. What is the role of technology in the development of religion?
  10. How is a teenager’s concentration ruined by video games?
  11. Social media has contributed to a rise in depression, anxiety and suicide. Expound
  12. What type of connection exists between critical thinking and making money
  13. Can you tell a person’s identity by looking at the way they dress?
  14. Why is critical thinking important in the community?
  15. What are the differences and similarities of urban and rural life and which is the best choice?
  16. The government should make sure everybody is eligible for free education
  17. Is a person fulfilled when they are married or single?
  18. Does physical appearance determine the personality of a person?
  19. Is gender equality possible in the modern generation and why?
  20. Should the way a child behaves be a reflection of their parents?
  21. Advantages of growing up with siblings in the house
  22. What is the importance of raising the drinking age?
  23. Reasons why drugs should not be legalized and their effects on society
  24. Different methods of handling depression and stress
  25. Why do children grow up to be bullies?
  26. Technology has made people stop socializing and become more and more isolated and lonely.
  27. Importance of having parental control on our kid’s internet
  28. Factors that have influenced the rise in teenage pregnancies
  29. What are the benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling?
  30. The importance of schools introducing foreign languages to their curriculum
  31. Brain functions as the reason why schools start early in the morning
  32. How can the government solve high college fees?
  33. Importance of student loans and reasons why students have to pay back the loan.
  34. Are remote jobs better than on-site jobs?
  35. Alternatives to fossil fuels

Critical thinking argumentative essay topics

  1. Lack of security in jobs because of development in artificial intelligence.
  2. What role of government in regulating misinformation as a result of social media
  3. Does the modern generation take privacy as a right or luxury?
  4. A person can become less intelligent as a result of smartphone addiction
  5. The privacy policy for tech companies should be enforced
  6. The knowledge and ability of a student cannot be measured through standardized testing
  7. Digital resources are more efficient than traditional books
  8. Traditional education is better than homeschooling
  9. Making education free for all is a financial disaster for a country
  10. Grading a student’s ability is impossible using the current system
  11. Parents should be held accountable if their children are not vaccinated
  12. Euthanasia should be legalized
  13. The government should ban junk food to promote public health and prevent obesity
  14. Free healthcare for all
  15. Alternative medicine is a good substitute for conventional drugs
  16. As long as the economy is thriving the environment can wait. Discuss
  17. Human actions are the main cause of climate change
  18. Ban everything plastic to save the earth
  19. Carbon emissions can be solved using nuclear energy
  20. Animal testing should only be allowed for medications
  21. Democracy cannot succeed with only two parties in the system
  22. Young people do not have the ability or experience needed to choose a leader
  23. For fair elections to prevail they should ban campaign financing
  24. All elected officials should have term limits to help the country run smoothly
  25. Representative democracy is the best form of government
  26. Are there types of lies that can be justified?
  27. The death penalty is a good lesson to other people and should not be abolished
  28. Animals are not lab rats
  29. Developing countries should not condone sweatshop labor in their companies
  30. The government is responsible for creating employment for its people
  31. Discrimination happens when different genders are paid differently for the same roles
  32. Prostitution contributes to the economy of a country and should be legalized
  33. There is a connection between playing violent video games and acting violent in the real world
  34. The economy thrives under capitalism
  35. The government should increase the minimum wage to promote economic growth
  36. Can poverty be eradicated by everybody having the same basic salary?
  37. Technologies that involve modifying embryos should be banned. Human being’s genes should not be edited.
  38. There is nothing ethical in war and so is using drones to fight.

To conclude

The above critical thinking essay topics are viable to choose for your essay. They differ from one another and all you have to do is look for topics that are interesting to you. You can also visit our website at where you will find experts who are ready to write your critical thinking essay. We are affordable and available 24/7. We also deliver high-quality papers on time. When you hire our nursing essay help you will rest assured of well formatted and properly structured nursing papers courtesy of our expert writers.

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